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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Borderland Beat

Borderland Beat

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El Chacal from CAF arrested.

Posted: 08 May 2015 04:21 PM PDT

Borderland Beat

Alberto Avila "El Chacal" and his brother Jesus Omar
(Tijuano´s note: In past weeks several corpses have been left in Zona Norte with banners threatening Aquiles and Rana´s people for "coming near Zona Norte", the guy arrested has been continuously mentioned as the one responsible for this)

Alberto Avila Alvarado aka "El Chacal" was arrested yesterday in Playas de Tijuana by agents of the Municipal Police. Avila Alvarado is believed to be the successor of his deceased brother-in-law Manuel Toscano Rodriguez aka "El Mono".

"El Chacal" was captured in an operation done by Tijuana´s Municipal Police Special Forces and members of their intelligence branch. At the moment of his capture, Avila Alvarado was accompanied by his brother Jesus Omar Avila, both of them were in possession of a AK-47 rifle and an undisclosed but considerable amount of drugs.

According to intelligence reports from the Municipal  Public Safety Agency, "El Chacal" is one of the main providers to retail dealers in Zona Norte and is currently in dispute with a guy nicknamed "El Alejo".

His brother-in-law was Manuel Toscano Rodriguez, an alleged cell leader from the Arellano Felix Organization and the guy in charge of managing the criminal activities in the famed Zona Norte area up until his execution last month outside the State Court.

Both of the detainees are currently under custody from the State´s Attorney General Office facing charges of illegal gun possession and crimes against health(drug charges).

It is worth mentioning "El Chacal" has been arrested several times before this operation, all of those times he has been caught in possession of weapons, drugs and money and all the time he has been left free, much like "El Mono" was before him.

Gun attack on Lt. Col. Julián Leyzaola,remains in serious condition, his bodyguard killed

Posted: 08 May 2015 05:18 PM PDT

Lucio R Borderland Beat posted by 'Mano' material from AFN -Twiiter

An assassination attempt was made today,  against the former police chief of Tijuana and Juarez, Julián Leyzaola Pérez.

The latest reports indicate that he is out of surgery and is recovering,  according to the Secretary of Public Security, Omar Muñoz Cesar Morales. 

Leyzaola was attacked this afternoon when he was traveling in a white Jeep Commander SUV.  His wife,  daughter and escort (bodyguard) were with him at the time of the shooting.

After the attack the suspects attempted to flee in a blue Mitsubishi Endeavor, but were stopped  a short distance from the scene of the attack.

The detainees were identified as Hugo Alonso Serenil Luna alias 'El Cabezón',  33, and  Jesús Antonio Castañeda Álvarez,  25.

Authorities report the suspects were both drugged, and told police "we were ordered to kill someone but never knew the name".

The former mayor of Tijuana, Jorge Ramos Hernández, reported this afternoon that his good friend and great human being, Lieutenant Colonel Julian Leyzaola is stable, but that one of his bodyguards died during the attack.  The unidentified bodyguard, "lost his life protecting Julian". ((other reports have his condition as critical but stable)

The attack occurred when Leyzaola stopped his vehicle at a commercial area on avenida Internacional, in the city of Juarez, so that his family could exit the vehicle to do some shopping.   It was while he stopped and still behind the wheel that a blue Mitsubishi pulled up, one gunman exited the vehicle and began shooting.

Leyzaola was transferred to a private hospital, where they performed the surgery and he is recovering, while being heavily guarded.  It is not uncommon for sicarios to go to the hospital and finish the job.
He was attacked in what is described as "a hail of bullets", four struck the former chief, one in the neck, twice in the chest area, and one in the back.

 Secretary Muñoz Morales, confirmed  the arrest of the two alleged perpetrators.

Julian Leyzaola Perez is a retired former military officer who served as Secretary of Public Security of Ciudad Juarez, from 2010 to 2013.

Before his arrival at the border, he headed the municipal police of Tijuana, where he significantly reduced  the crime wave that engulfed the city.

Recently, the Partido Encuentro Social political party,  (PES) the appointment of Lieutenant Colonel Julián Leyzaola Pérez, as security adviser in 2015. 

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