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Thursday, May 07, 2015

CNN host humiliated

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May 07, 2015
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As a law school graduate, you'd think CNN host Chris Cuomo would know a little something about the First Amendment. But if Cuomo's professors are checking his Twitter feed, they might be regretting giving him a diploma. Amidst the liberal backlash on Pamela Geller, Chris Cuomo tweeted that "hate speech is excluded" from the First Amendment. That statement is completely false, and EVERYONE let Cuomo know just how epic a FAIL he made. Glenn has the story and reaction HERE.

You've heard Glenn talk about the "Bubba Effect" before, but it's more important than ever for you to know what is going on. The top down, bottom up, inside out strategy is building across America. Baltimore is just the latest example. On radio this morning, Glenn laid out a dire prediction of what's in store if people don't start to wake up and be leaders and shepherds in their own communities. MORE

The Islamic State responded to the "Draw Muhammad" event in typical psychotic Islam fashion. After two gunmen were killed trying to attack the free speech event, ISIS came out and claimed they had soldiers all over America prepared to wage an attack. See their terrifying message and get Glenn's reaction HERE.

Amir Hekmati, a former Marine, has been imprisoned in Iran for over three and a half years, longer than any American citizen held captive by the country. In 2011, he was taken prisoner while visiting his sick grandmother. The Iranian government charged him with "espionage, waging war against God, and corrupting the earth" and sentenced him to die. While the verdict was overturned, he was sentenced during a new secret trial to ten years in prison. Amir and his lawyers didn't know until after the trial took place. Now, veterans like Montel Williams are trying to raise awareness for Amir's plight and see an opportunity for U.S. leaders to take action as the Obama administration looks to improve relations with Iran. Montel joined Glenn on TV to discuss this story. MORE

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If you ask anyone on the left about the Texas shooting, they'll tell you we have a cartoonist problem, not a terrorist problem. Apparently liberals have moved the nation to the backwards Bizarro World. Well, Glenn's not going to let that stand. That's why he's working on something that is going to show the world that Islam IS the problem. How? Find out HERE.

Woah! Glenn congratulates...The Huffington Post?
The Huffington Post recently asked Glenn to write an op-ed about the future of media to coincide with their ten year anniversary. See what Glenn had to say that was so well written it made it onto The Huffington Post's front page! READ

Did you forget to vote...
In Stu's poll, of course! Six candidates have officially announced their 2016 GOP nomination and there are more to come. Vote for each candidate by providing them with a letter grade, similar to a report card. Hey, you never know, your dream voting might just be the good energy your candidate needs! VOTE

France trades freedom for security in wake of terror attack
Following the tragic shootings in France at Charlie Hebdo, France has passed a controversial new surveillance bill permitting warrantless phone and email taps. It's scarily reminiscent of America's rush to pass the PATRIOT Act, as citizens trade their freedom for security. Glenn has the story and reaction — READ.

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