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Monday, May 11, 2015

CoastZone - Uniting Humanity

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Weekend Edition   May 11, 2015   Coast Insider Audio
Uniting Humanity:

In the first half of Sunday night's program, host Lisa Garr (email) welcomed Dr. John Moser , who proposed that the solution to many modern problems of humanity is to create a world in which there is only "us," forever shedding the concept of "them." He posited that the population of the planet has coalesced into a veritable 'supercivilization' as a result of the transparent disparity of wealth around the globe, a declining resource base, and the high level of interconnectivity amongst all people. As such, Moser surmised that issues such as terrorism and climate change are really due to humanity not yet realizing or accepting that it has entered into this global civilization.

He suggested that, in order to combat the issues which arise from a 'supercivilization,' denizens of the planet need to begin embracing cooperation, ideally under the supervision of a "global institution" which would provide leadership aimed at making positive changes for the planet. While the prospect of a global government may raise concerns and suspicions, Moser argued that it would be better to willingly design such an institution now rather than have a similar, but less-beneficent, scenario be thrust upon the population due to outside forces. Additionally, he called for a change in perspective from the general population where people begin identifying themselves as 'human beings' first rather than deriving an identity from their nationality.

Should humanity not adjust to its role as part of a 'supercivilization,' Moser warned, it could fall victim, in the form of a mass die off, to the challenges that have emerged from this new era of society. He specifically noted that the misallocation of resources aimed at maintaining the status quo will only result in further weakening the population against other problems which will then grow stronger in the face of less resistance. Furthermore, he observed that, since the planet is now overwhelmingly interconnected, a disastrous event or terror attack in one part of the world could result in a "synergistic catastrophe" where the entire civilization is destroyed.
Brain Power:

In the first hour of Sunday's program, expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, and accelerated learning, Jim Kwik , discussed how we can all tap into the part of the brain that enhances our mental performance. Kwik recalled how, after a lifetime of having difficulty with school, he had a breakthrough after he began studying the brain and how people learn. Over the course of his appearance, he shared a few tricks to help people learn faster and retain stronger memories, such as attaching an emotion or motivation to a memory as well as learning something with the goal of later teaching it to someone else.
NDEs: Mounting Evidence:

On Saturday night's program, host Connie Willis (email ) welcomed radiation oncologist Dr. Jeffrey Long, who presented the strongest argument yet for the underlying truth of those who have died and returned to share their tales. First hour guest, Cliff Barackman, currently serving as the host of Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet, provided updates on the elusive creature...cont.

Today in Strangeness:

On this date in 1811, famous conjoined twins Chang and Eng Bunker were born. So unique and famous were the brothers that the term 'Siamese Twins' is derived from their birthplace of Siam. Their remarkable lives would also inspire a short story by Mark Twain, a BBC radio play, a best-selling novel, and even a musical in Singapore.

Tonight's Show, Monday, May 11th:

First Half: Consultant Charles Coppes has been involved with business and finance for over forty years. He believes the issues behind the 2008 financial meltdown have not been properly resolved and when combined with converging domestic and foreign issues, he sees a "perfect financial storm" leading to eventual currency collapse and hyperinflation. He'll cover the various ways astute investors can protect their assets and the well-being of their families.

2nd Half: Psychic medium, teacher, and motivational speaker Sunny Dawn Johnston talks about her communications with angels, guides, and loved ones who have crossed over. She'll outline the various ways to make contact with the Other Side including séances.
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