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Thursday, May 14, 2015

CoxHealth finds relief in network overhaul that pushes Layer 3 to the edge

Big Switch SDN update aids VMware integration, bare metal monitoring | Cisco secures its SDN

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CoxHealth finds relief in a network overhaul that pushes Layer 3 to the edge
The network at CoxHealth, a healthcare organization in Springfield, Missouri, with five hospitals, 83 clinics and 10,000 employees, was running out of gas just as new demands were ratcheting up, so Senior Manager for IT Dan Brewer started to rethink everything. Here's the story he shared with Network World Editor in Chief John Dix. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Rackspace

Managing the Transition to IT as a Service Broker
Companies are increasingly looking for IT managers that fit today's business needs. So innovation-driven IT managers are transitioning their role and becoming service brokers to the business. This whitepaper provides managers with a pathway to make this transition. Learn More


IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis for Defense Intelligence
The IBM i2 National Security and Defense Intelligence solution was designed to enable defense and national security organizations to efficiently and effectively carry out inter-operable intelligence exploitation. Learn More

Big Switch SDN update aids VMware integration, bare metal monitoring
Big Switch Networks rolled out new versions of its SDN-based cloud fabric and monitoring applications which feature tighter integration with VMware, among other enhancements. Read More

Cisco secures its SDN
Cisco is looking to provide threat protection for data centers and clouds by integrating acquired security technology with its programmable, policy-based networking portfolio. Read More

Software detects fake mobile, Wi-Fi networks
An Israeli company has developed a product it says can detect if a mobile device connects to a fake cellular base station or Wi-Fi access point, potentially protecting critical data from falling into the hands of hackers. Read More


Infographic - Big Data is the New Natural Resource
With POWER8, multiple business users looking to find answers amongst vast amounts of data at the same time are not slowed down or constrained. Check out this infographic to learn more. Learn More

VCE brings simplicity to scaling the cloud
Since its inception five and a half years ago, VCE has done only one thing and done it better than any other company – simplify the deployment of converged infrastructure. What's missing from the VCE portfolio is a platform to support applications like next-generation databases, cloud-native, and tier-2 applications that require rapid deployment and significant scale-out capabilities. Read More

Digging deeper into the Cisco ASA firewall REST API
Security orchestration methods and of course SDN is driving the need for programmable interfaces in security products. The Cisco ASA Firewall added a REST API back in December with the 9.3(2) code release. Read More

SDN ushering in 'Golden Age' of network administration
IT organizations have been virtualizing compute servers for years, and now it's time for network admins to have their turn at virtualization. Read More


2015 Gartner "Cool Vendors" in Big Data Report
Each year, Gartner publishes a series of research reports highlighting pioneering vendors and their services. See why Platfora big data analytics is disrupting the big data analytics space. View now

Brainwave-reading patents spike on increase in commercial mind-reading apps
The idea of controlling physical objects with thoughts conjures up images of Darth Vader. And Jim McKeeth's talk on building thought-controlled drones at the recent Wearable Tech Conference did exactly that. But it also explained the spike in brain-reading technology patents. Read More

HP switches fortify campus SDNs
HP strengthened its campus networking portfolio with modules for a switch chassis it announced almost a year ago, and an SDN-based management application. Read More

Tech's highest paid CEOs
The median pay for CEOs at 50 tech companies was $11.5 million in 2014, according to Network World's analysis of compensation packages. (Insider Story) Read More


Inside CEO paychecks

Who got raises, who took cuts, and who knocked Larry Ellison off his perch as highest paid tech CEO.


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