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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cyber security expertise—delivered to your desktop

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Hackers share information.
Let's share, too.
We've got some of the world's leading cyber security experts on our team, and we want to share what they know with you. Along with some of our partners, customers, and industry experts, we use the BrightTALK community to bring you the latest in cyber security topics, trends, and happenings. And, of course, we'll provide information about HP security solutions as well. Check out these featured webinars to see what is available to you.
HP Enterprise Security
Explore what you can learn to help you keep your company safe. For example, "HP Cyber Risk Report 2015: The Past is Prologue" brings you the latest research on the cyber risk landscape.
Security analytics and compliance
In most cases, hackers leave footprints buried in your systems. You just have to find and correlate them. This channel can help you turn raw security and log data into actionable intelligence. Watch "Defending Against Advanced Attacks" with Gartner's Mark Nicolett.
Network Security
Network security is your first line of defense—and the first attack point for hackers. This channel brings you focused topics like "Anatomy of a Cyber Attack" which shows you how cyber attacks work.
Application Security
Whether you build your own apps or outsource development to contractors, you're responsible for their security. This channel helps you find your application vulnerabilities before hackers do. "Taking an AppSec Program from 0 to 60 in 30 days" might be a good place to start.
Data-centric Security
When your sensitive data is in the cloud, how do you protect it while enabling access control and managing data sharing? Get some answers from Adallom and HP cloud security experts in  "Enabling Security For Cloud Apps with Adallom and HP." 
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