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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Google launches a service for storing big data

Interview of Everything: Cisco CEO Chambers on white boxes, SDN, leadership and the cloud | You'll never guess who the web's second-largest hoster is

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Google launches a service for storing big data
Google has introduced a service for storing large amounts of data online, potentially enabling organizations to execute big data analysis as a cloud service. Read More


Empowering Private Cloud Agility with Network Automation
There are vast benefits to private cloud strategies, but be careful. While some elements of private cloud deployments are well understood and highly automated like servers and storage, other elements are mostly manual and can cause problems with your networking. Find out how to reap the benefits of private cloud solutions. In this white paper, "Simplifying Private Cloud Deployments through Network Automation," you'll see how easy it can be to bring agility, scalability, reliability, and low overhead to your private cloud.


Making the Case for a Software-Defined Data Center
In this paper, we outline the need for "Software-Driven Control" - the intelligence or "control plane" that can take advantage of new software-defined capabilities. Learn More

Interview of Everything: Cisco CEO Chambers on white boxes, SDN, leadership and the cloud
Little did we know that our interview with John Chambers at Cisco's Texas Data Center Day in April might be our last with him as the company's CEO. As we learned this week, he'll hand the reins to Chuck Robbins in July, though will remain the company's chairman and become its executive chairman as well. Read More

You'll never guess who the web's second-largest hoster is
English researcher Netcarft has new numbers out today claiming that startup Digital Ocean is the second largest web-hoster with 163,000 public-facing servers, trailing only Amazon Web Services. AWS, the behemoth of the public IaaS cloud computing market, has more than twice as many web-facing computers as Digital Ocean. Read More

Google senior VP talks about when the company nearly failed
The eighth person hired at Google, and its first vice president of engineering, talked today about how the world's largest Internet company nearly failed. Urs Holzle, senior vice president of technical infrastructure and a Google Fellow, spoke today at the Collision conference in Las Vegas about avoiding failure, not being lazy and when Google will "turn on the faucet" for its cloud business. Read More

WHITE PAPER: XO Communications

Putting the Kibosh on Shadow IT
Read this paper to learn best practices for setting up an internal, IT-based cloud brokerage function that service the entire organization. Find out how this approach enables you to retain top-down visibility and control of network security and manage the impact of cloud traffic on your WAN. Learn More

Debunking the myths dogging the hybrid cloud
Many companies face the dilemma of how to get the most out of legacy IT equipment and applications while taking advantage of the latest cloud advances to keep their company competitive and nimble. A hybrid approach to IT infrastructure enables internal IT groups to support legacy systems with the flexibility to optimize service delivery and performance thru third-party providers. Read More

Anticipating IoT traffic growth? Why a colo, not the cloud, might be in your future
The Internet of Things is coming, and drastic traffic growth is going to blow your network sky-high. Should you scale up your on-premises data center? No. Should you move to the cloud? No. The best strategy, according to a speaker at the Interop 2015 conference, is to move your servers, applications, and data into your own servers in a top-tier colocation facility. Read More

SAP brings its S/4Hana data platform to the cloud
Building on the launch of the fourth generation of its enterprise software suite earlier this year, SAP on Wednesday unveiled the cloud version of S/4Hana. Read More


3 Tough Business Challenges a Private Cloud Can Handle
More organizations are realizing that private cloud gives IT the right foundation to tackle three of their toughest business challenges. With the ability to leverage investments you've already made, a private cloud solution can be adopted incrementally and deliver a big payoff in the long run. Learn More

Microsoft boasts that new tool will control Amazon's cloud, too
Microsoft this week launched a tool that initially is best for managing its public and private clouds but that the company says will soon enable enterprises to control hybrid clouds based on Amazon Web Services and VMware clouds, too. Read More

Microsoft aims to increase confidence in cloud services with better networking
Microsoft has announced Azure networking improvements that will give IT staff more flexibility, and in the process help convince them to move more applications to the cloud. Read More

Microsoft said to be considering a bid for Salesforce
Less than a week after rumors surfaced that is fielding buyout offers, Microsoft is reportedly considering throwing its hat in the ring. Read More

SAP sets its sights on the IoT with new cloud services
Targeting the 25 billion or so devices expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020, SAP on Wednesday announced a new suite of cloud services designed specifically for the so-called Internet of Things. Read More


How Chambers kept a high profile

Cisco CEO John Chambers has rubbed elbows with many business, political and entertainment VIPs during his 20 years at the helm.


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