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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Huckabee in unbelievable flip-flop

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May 14, 2015
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As candidates prepare themselves for the upcoming election of 2016, it's likely that some of their stances may evolve. But, Mike Huckabee skipped any evolution and went from supporting Common Core, to now vehemently opposing the federal government's involvement in education. Stu took the time to create a timeline showcasing Huckabee's case. READ

Fossil fuels might just be the most demonized thing of the past two decades. Oil spills, holes in the O-Zone, toxic chemicals, fracking, global warming. The list goes on and on. The anti-fossil fuel narrative is so strong that you can see people on both sides of the political aisle condemning them. But one man has made a moral case in favor of fossil fuels. Once you hear it, you'll never look at fossil fuels the same way again. WATCH

Have our hearts already grown too cold? Atheism is surging. The Amtrak crash was a madhouse. Homelessness is on the rise in LA. Feds are using immigration laws to harass citizens. The list goes on and on. And as Glenn found out yesterday, he can't even post an update on Facebook about his granddaughter going to the hospital without people attacking him. What is happening to the world? On Wednesday's TV show, Glenn delivered a message everyone needs to hear — before it's too late. WATCH

This morning on radio, Glenn talked to Matt Bevin about our country's current economic state. Are we really heading towards a massive crisis? Hear Bevin discusses pension plans and his ideas for combating some of our current economic issues. MORE

"...And gambling with your life? There are lots of misconceptions about self-defense training. Which is why it's far easier to rely on our firearm we know always works… UNTIL IT DOESN'T. In a recent interview I asked the hard questions you'd want answered. If you're giving yourself a free pass, it's important you know what I discovered. Find out here."

The band OK Go is known for creating some insanely creative music videos. They've mastered the "single take," where the entire video is one continuous shot. And the band has used synchronized treadmills and enormous Rube Goldberg machines for their videos in the past. But this one might take the cake for their most creative music video yet. WATCH

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Glenn calls out Jesse Ventura: 'One of the worst people in the world'
Jesse Ventura is such a lowlife that Glenn actually indicated he would give his 10-year-old son permission to call him a d*bag if he chose to do so. Ventura sued Chris Kyle and then chose to continue the lawsuit even after Kyle was murdered. After winning a miraculous decision, he took public glee in the victory and wiping out the savings of a widow. Taya Kyle says in her new book going through the Ventura trial was "torture" — yeah, he's a special kind of d*bag, no doubt. Get Glenn's reaction HERE.

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