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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Interview of Everything: Cisco CEO Chambers on white boxes, SDN, leadership and the cloud

VCE brings simplicity to scaling the cloud | Intel increases its hiring among women, minorities

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Interview of Everything: Cisco CEO Chambers on white boxes, SDN, leadership and the cloud
Little did we know that our interview with John Chambers at Cisco's Texas Data Center Day in April might be our last with him as the company's CEO. As we learned this week, he'll hand the reins to Chuck Robbins in July, though will remain the company's chairman and become its executive chairman as well. He'll also hand Robbins the challenge of making Cisco the No.1 IT company by forging ahead with its data center, cloud and Internet of Everything initiatives. Chambers discussed those topics and more with IDG Enterprise VP and Chief Content Officer John Gallant. Read More


Boost IT Visibility & Value with a Great Service Catalog
Many CIOs are being pressured to demonstrate IT value. Create a great service catalog that widely promotes your services that are easy to understand and request. Read Now!


Making the Case for a Software-Defined Data Center
In this paper, we outline the need for "Software-Driven Control" - the intelligence or "control plane" that can take advantage of new software-defined capabilities. Learn More

VCE brings simplicity to scaling the cloud
Since its inception five and a half years ago, VCE has done only one thing and done it better than any other company – simplify the deployment of converged infrastructure. The company's flagship product, Vblock, brings together VMware, Cisco, and EMC infrastructure in a preconfigured, validated design, allowing customers to stand up a private cloud in under a week. Read More

Intel increases its hiring among women, minorities
Intel is becoming a little more diverse, just several months after announcing an ambitious plan to add more women and minority workers to its ranks. Read More

A guide to the confusing world of open switches
Open switching has spawned a small lexicon that can be confusing to newcomers, leaving them wondering what the difference is, say, between bare metal switches and white box switches, and whether the differences really matter or are just a marketing overlay. Here Jeff Doyle takes a crack at differentiating the terms you hear most often around open Ethernet switching. Read More


3 Guiding Principles to Improve Data Security and Compliance
Data security is a moving target—as data grows, more sophisticated threats emerge; the number of regulations increase; and changing economic times make it difficult to secure and protect data. Learn More

Cisco's Chambers: A retrospective
You don't become one of the most admired and successful CEOs in Silicon Valley and in all of business by doing many things wrong. Sure, there were missteps along the way for Cisco during the 20 year leadership of John Chambers. But they are outnumbered by the successes and overshadowed by the company's sustained growth over those two decades. Read More

The Carly Fiorina teardown begins as '16 race heats up
Carly Fiorina has been described as flamboyant, bold, polarizing, decisive, imperious and unqualified. Her six-year tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard ended with her forced resignation, something that's not helpful as she begins a presidential run. Read More

Companies are falling behind on securing their SAP environments
More than 95 percent of SAP systems deployed in enterprises are exposed to vulnerabilities that could lead to a full compromise of business data, a security firm claims. Read More


Total Economic Impact of InfoSphere Master Data Management
Forrester Consulting describes Master Data Management (MDM) as a 'critical business capability and technology foundation.' IBM clients interviewed achieved a variety of operational benefits from their MDM programs, including call center savings, improved efficiencies for inside sales staff, and lower costs for customer mailings and returns. Learn More

Where will Microsoft find 1 billion devices for Windows 10?
To meet its goal of putting Windows 10 on a billion devices within three years, Microsoft will have to turn every personal computer now running Windows 7 onto the new OS, then find even more to migrate, calculations from recent statistics show. Read More

How workflow capabilities benefit continuous delivery environments
Today, workflow as a concept is gaining traction in software circles, with the universal push to increase businesses' speed, agility and focus on the customer. Read More

Debunking the myths dogging the hybrid cloud
Many companies face the dilemma of how to get the most out of legacy IT equipment and applications while taking advantage of the latest cloud advances to keep their company competitive and nimble. A hybrid approach to IT infrastructure enables internal IT groups to support legacy systems with the flexibility to optimize service delivery and performance thru third-party providers. Read More

Google says mobile now dominates search
Google now gets more search queries from mobile devices than it does from PCs. The company noted this milestone in mobile computing in a blog post on Tuesday. Read More


How Chambers kept a high profile

Cisco CEO John Chambers has rubbed elbows with many business, political and entertainment VIPs during his 20 years at the helm.


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