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Thursday, May 07, 2015 - Thursday May 7 2015

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Thu May 7, 2015 - 3:22 pm EST

Catholic archbishop hosts gay activists at cathedral to help set transgender student policy

By Pete Baklinski

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Thu May 7, 2015 - 11:00 am EST

Bedtime stories 'allowed,' but not church or private school: prof re-engineers family for egalitarian utopia

By Steve Weatherbe

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Thu May 7, 2015 - 12:33 pm EST

Why is the Church entering the fray on 'climate change'? And with such overblown rhetoric?

By William M. Briggs

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Australian human rights commission seeks to declare sidewalk counselors a ‘nuisance’ and remove them from facilities

"If we're doing nothing wrong, let us continue," the local pro-life leader in Melbourne asks.

By Thaddeus Baklinski

The Church must oppose homosexuality even though we're 'hated' for it: Guam archbishop

Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron is urging the U.S. territory not to recognize same-sex "marriages."

By Lisa Bourne

States forced to foot legal bills for gay activists to tear down their marriage laws: $5 million and growing

'It is wrong to reward activists for challenging a validly enacted constitutional amendment,' says Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage.

By Lisa Bourne

Gay activist meeting makes plans to undermine US Catholic Church's moral witness

Anti-Catholic, homosexual activist groups are plotting ways to stop the U.S. Church from upholding its moral teaching in employment policy, and they've got bigger things in mind for the future.

By Lisa Bourne

GoFundMe bans anyone accused of ‘discriminatory acts’ from fundraising…like this elderly Christian florist

People who believe in traditional morality are not welcome at the crowdfunding site, according to its new policy.

By Fr. Mark Hodges


Bishop Finn and Cardinal Danneels: two different responses to abuse 'cover-ups'

If Finn, why not others? All the others…all the many, many others?

By Hilary White


The birth control pill is killing women, but no one's warning them of the risk

The pill kills truth. It exists and is prescribed to women amid a swirl of chaos; amidst contradictions and lies; and amidst dead, blind, and profoundly injured women.


Planned Parenthood endangers women by hiding the truth on link between pill and breast cancer

New studies continue to emerge that show the connection between hormonal contraceptives and breast cancer.


A 'yes' vote would make Ireland a global flag bearer for gay 'marriage': open letter

If this Referendum is carried our young people will be told in schools that marriage, which is based on the dignity of the difference between a man and a woman, has no regard to this difference.

By Bruce Arnold

Why is the Church entering the fray on 'climate change'? And with such overblown rhetoric?

Some in the Church and most politicians want something to solve. We're reached the point where politics dictate science.

By William M. Briggs

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