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Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - Wednesday May 13 2015

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Wed May 13, 2015 - 4:40 pm EST

BREAKING: U.S. House passes 20-week abortion ban on anniversary of Gosnell conviction

By Dustin Siggins

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Wed May 13, 2015 - 4:17 pm EST

Obama admin: Stopping abortion of babies who can feel pain is ‘disgraceful’

By Ben Johnson

Top News

Victory: North Dakota high schools allow students to set up pro-life groups

'This victory should encourage any pro-life student to fight for the right to start a Students for Life club at her school,' said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America.

By LifeSiteNews staff

China’s (latest) empty promise on fighting sex-selective abortion

'No effort to combat gendercide in China will be successful until the One Child Policy is abolished.'

By Kristen Hatten

Pro-life activists prepare to march for life in numerous cities across Canada this week

'There has never been more reason to march for life than in 2015,' Matt Wojciechowski of Campaign Life Coalition, said at a news conference Wednesday.

By Steve Weatherbe

Pro-life groups, politicians hail House passage of 20-week abortion ban

Rep. Trent Franks, R-AZ, who was the main sponsor of H.R. 36, said, 'this bill is a deeply sincere effort to protect both mothers and their little pain capable unborn babies.'

By Dustin Siggins

The Pulse

4-year-old girl saved from abortion tells pro-lifers: 'Your prayers saved my life'

Moved to tears by the overwhelming power of prayer at the 40 Days vigil, Leah's mother chose life.

By Alexandra Liebl

Nurse quits after witnessing abortion of a 4-pound baby girl

'It's a baby! My baby! My baby!' the young mom began screaming after seeing the body of her 4-pound baby girl.

By Sarah Terzo

Baby Angel born after doctors kept brain dead mom alive for 54 days to give birth

Baby Angel had to be delivered at 30 weeks, weighing just two pounds and 12.6 ounces.

By Nancy Flanders

‘World’s most premature twins,’ born at just 22 weeks, defy the odds: celebrate their 9th birthdays

A video about the twins first months has been viewed over 2.5 MILLION times.

By LiveActionNews


His girlfriend refused to abort their baby. So he killed his daughter by hurling her off a cliff instead.

Cameron Brown threw his four-year-old daughter off a 120-foot precipice in revenge after his girlfriend refused to abort the girl.

By Ben Johnson

The bureaucrat who looked the other way during Kermit Gosnell’s reign of terror just ran into trouble with the Pennsylvania Senate

Pedro Cortes did nothing to stop Kermit Gosnell. Now he wants his old job back.

By Dave Andrusko


The grave problems remaining in the final Synod report

Certain the final report was far better than the disastrous mid-term report, but serious problems still remain.

By Matthew McCusker

Mother pays $25,000 to kill her 8-month-old disabled unborn baby: refused adoption

'If we can't get the abortion ... I'm going to have this baby by myself and let her die without intervention,' said the baby's mom.

By Susan Michelle Tyrrell

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