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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Seattle discovers progressivism doesn’t work

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May 12, 2015
On Today's Program

Ted Cruz is used to the media constantly bashing him, but Mark Halperin took it to a whole new level when he pressed Cruz on his Cuban bona fides, even asking him to name his favorite Cuban musician. Cruz handled it perfectly, with dignity and grace — check out the clip and Glenn's reaction on radio today. WATCH

Progressives are absolutely destroying the Pacific Northwest, birthplace (within a couple of miles) of the one and only Glenn Beck. The city now has a $15 minimum wage — but everyone who thought that sounded so great is now learning a hard lesson about economics. Stores are cutting back on employee hours, restaurants are closing early, and some businesses are just shutting down. Glenn has the story and reaction on Tuesday's radio show. MORE

Did the Baltimore riots just mysteriously end? That's what you would think by watching the horrible reporting in the media. No news outlet has the guts to tell you what really happened. That after Ray Lewis failed to calm the storm; Pat Gray stepped in and turned a vicious firestorm into an oasis of serenity, with one nation changing video. WATCH

Over the weekend, Glenn invited some friends over for dinner. (WARNING: Glenn will ALWAYS talk about his private dinners with friends on air). One of the guests is getting ready to start college, and of course that triggered a discussion over the true value of a college education. The growing student debt issue is out of control — and no one seems willing to think outside of the box on how to fix it. Glenn shared some simple alternatives on radio this morning, and what could happen if things don't change soon. WATCH

Thanks to a recent announcement from Apple, the plastic in your wallet may soon be gone forever. And once it is, it could cost Capital One, American Express, Chase, and all the rest as much as $18 million a day! Good news for you. Because when you're finally able to say "goodbye" to the cards stuck in your wallet, a little-known tech company responsible for finally putting an end to plastic could hand its investors life-changing profits. A revealing investor alert from The Motley Fool has the full story. Click here to get it now.

Glenn welcomed a number of college students to the Dallas studios, Monday night, for some unorthodox teaching. While the conversation took a number of different turns, they all came back to the next generation's responsibility to restore man's freedom. For the first time in history, people are empowered to directly connect with one another regardless of geographic location. It is cheap and easy to make your voice heard. But with that power comes the responsibility to use it wisely. Here's what Glenn wants every college student to understand. WATCH

You've heard Glenn rave about the #1 bestselling Michael Vey series.
Here's a chance to read book 1 for free! Check it out now and if you're already a "Veyniac," be sure to help share the link with the uninitiated! READ

After 5 years of infertility, wife surprises husband with some big, big news…
Doug Price thought he and his wife were just entering a contest to win a trip to Aruba, but it turned out to be so much more. You don't want to miss this beautiful, feel good video. WATCH

Incredibly moving blog post from Glenn's friend Tim Ferriss
Tim Ferriss, known for his savvy business sense and entrepreneurial skills, is a personal friend of Glenn's. Recently, while at a book signing, Ferriss was touched by a young man's story involving one of the things many of us fear discussing — suicide. In this long, but inspirational blog post Ferriss discusses not only suicide and depression, but his personal battle with these demons. READ

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