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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Still running Windows Server 2003? Here's your end-of-support plan

Five ways Edge trumps Internet Explorer | Can Microsoft's new Surface 3 replace your notebook?

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May 07, 2015
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Still running Windows Server 2003? Here's your end-of-support plan

Many companies are not migrating off Windows Server 2003 despite its impending end of support. Here's what you can do to protect your business if this is your situation.


Five ways Edge trumps Internet Explorer

Microsoft's new Edge promises faster browsing, annotations and better compliance with Web standards.

Can Microsoft's new Surface 3 replace your notebook?

Microsoft wants you to replace your notebook and tablet with one device — the Surface 3. But can its Windows 8.1-running hybrid do the job of both without compromise?

What can your Apple Watch do without your iPhone?

The Apple Watch relies on the iPhone for a lot of tasks, but not everything. Take it for a run, pump some tunes, and buy a smoothie at Whole Foods—no iPhone required.

17 JavaScript tools breathing new life into old code

From Lisp to Pascal, old code is new again, thanks to these JavaScript cross-compilers, translators, and emulators.

Do you need a container-specific Linux distribution?

It's not enough to use containers, vendors argue that you need a specialized Linux distribution to back it.

How to market to millennials (it's not easy)

A group of young marketers offer advice about wooing technically savvy, digitally driven millennials, who -- despite the fact that many are drowning in student loans – are the target market du jour.

How Real Madrid scores fan engagement in the cloud

Using the Microsoft Cloud platform, Real Madrid -- the world's largest sports franchise -- is undergoing a digital transformation to help further engagement with the soccer club's 450 million fans worldwide.

Hands on: Office 2016 preview focuses on data-gathering and collaboration in the cloud

Office 2016 could still learn a few things from Google Docs, but its business-intelligence features show a lot of promise.

10 apps to take your job search mobile

Pressed for time but need to find a new job? Take your tech career search mobile with these 10 job search apps.


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