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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Worst. Person. Ever.

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May 13, 2015
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Jesse Ventura is such a lowlife, that Glenn actually indicated he would give his 10-year-old son permission to call him a d*bag if he chose to do so. Ventura sued Chris Kyle and then decided to continue the lawsuit even after Kyle was murdered. After winning a miraculous decision, he took public glee in the victory and wiping out the savings of a widow. Taya Kyle says in her new book that going through the Ventura trial was "torture" — yeah, he's a special kind of d*bag, no doubt. Get Glenn's reaction HERE.

It is way too easy to let anger and bitterness consume your soul. That's why Taya Kyle's response to critics of her late husband, who was called a "racist" and a "killer," is so inspiring. Plus, did President Obama ever reach out to her or the Kyle family after Chris was murdered? Get the answers HERE.

The Amtrak passenger train that derailed in Philadelphia may have been traveling at twice the speed limit heading into a sharp curve, the Wall Street Journal reported. The wreck happened as the train was going around a curve in northern Philadelphia. The Wall Street Journal reported the train was going 100 mph; the speed limit along the curve is 50 mph. The Associated Press performed its own analysis of surveillance video and estimated the train was going 107 mph. Get the latest on this story from TheBlaze HERE.

Want to hear a scary number? New research shows that there's been an 8% drop in people identifying as Christian over the past seven years. Meanwhile, the percentage of people who are atheist or agnostic has been rising. What is happening to people of faith in America? Glenn looked at the issue and found some disheartening answers — but there are solutions as well. Get more HERE.

Ronald Reagan's former budget director David Stockman just exposed new evidence that "all hell is about to break loose" in the U.S. economy. In an exclusive Q&A alongside famed rogue economist Harry Dent, the alarming truth behind an unstoppable market correction about to hit America is finally revealed. Plus: David and Harry outline practical steps you should take now to protect you and your loved ones. This may be the final warning you receive before the catastrophe hits. You can view it here right now.

Harry Reid may be the only person in the world worse than Jesse Ventura. Earlier this week, the NFL suspended Patriots QB Tom Brady for deflating footballs during the playoffs. But Reid thinks the NFL needs to be focused on more important issues — like the "racist" Washington Redskins. Make. Him. Stop. Grab the duct tape and WATCH.

Meet the young man connecting the conservatives of Silicon Valley
It's hard to find a state more liberal than California, but the entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley have shown a libertarian streak that drew Glenn's interest. On his TV show Tuesday night, he brought Aaron Ginn, founder of Lincoln Labs, to Dallas to discuss what it's like to be a young conservative in Silicon Valley and what libertarians in one of the most liberal parts of the country expect from the government. MORE

Hippies are really ruining Seattle
Progressives are absolutely destroying the Pacific Northwest, birthplace (within a couple of miles) of the one and only Glenn Beck. The city now has a $15 minimum wage — but everyone who thought that sounded so great is now learning a hard lesson about economics. Stores are cutting back on employee hours, restaurants are closing early, and some businesses are just shutting down. Glenn has the story and reaction on Tuesday's radio show. MORE

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