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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Borderland Beat

Borderland Beat

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"La China" from "Los Damaso" Captured in La Paz.

Posted: 16 Jun 2015 09:06 PM PDT

Borderland Beat

"La Chino" from "Fuerzas Especiales Damaso"
This evening, Melissa Margarita Calderon Ojeda aka "La China" was captured in the upscale Bellavista neighborhood by Agents of the State and Federal Police and members of the Mexican Army. She was found in a house located on the San Pedro street of said neighborhood.

The alleged boss of the "Fuerzas Especiales Damaso" -At least according to the newest criminal chart made by Federal Police and the Military- was arrested along a criminal cell including her boyfriend, they had barricaded themselves inside a house since 2:45 PM when they were surrounded by members of the 3 levels of Government.

 As of right now. State, Federal and Military Authorities are still collecting regarding the detainees, and the weapons they were carrying, all this could be announced officially tomorrow.

Raul Castillo de la Rosa aka "El Cochi" (The Pig)
The hit woman was one of the two objectives set by the authorities along Raul Castillo de la Rosa aka "El Cochi" after the capture of Cruz Alonso Lozoya Uriarte aka "El Grande", captured on May 28th after a shootout in Villas del Encanto in La Paz.


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