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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cisco vet to head SDN start-up; Silver Peak launches MPLS killer

Silver Peak launches MPLS killer | Qualcomm may adapt LTE into a network anyone can deploy

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Cisco vet to head SDN start-up
SDN start-up PLUMgrid has named a former Cisco veteran as its new CEO. Larry Lang, who left Cisco in 2009 after a 16-year career, is PLUMgrid's new CEO. Read More


A network infrastructure for almost limitless bandwidth.
What can you do to prepare your IT environment for the future? What should you do about refreshing your LAN environment – e.g. build new or simply expand your existing network? And perhaps most importantly, what can you do to greatly increase service levels without significant increases to your budget? Read this report to find out. IBM's Passive Optical Networking uses fiber optic technology to deliver scalable bandwidth at the speed users demand, creating a cost-effective alternative to traditional copper networks that helps to improve IT experience.


Collaboration 2.0 Death of the Web Conference
This new study from Ovum and by LogMeIn is based on a survey of over 3,900 full time professionals worldwide regarding their collaboration and meeting-related behaviors and activities. Learn More

Silver Peak launches MPLS killer
WAN evolution has been on the mind of IT leaders for decades. Historically though, network managers seemed comfortable to just 'talk the talk' when it came to actually moving away from a traditional hub and spoke, MPLS based network. Read More

Qualcomm may adapt LTE into a network anyone can deploy
As if the all the controversy over LTE networks crowding out Wi-Fi isn't enough, a new technology in the works at Qualcomm Research might allow a lot more people to set them up. Read More

Rackspace creates career path for tech execs who don't want to manage people
Egle Sigler started at Rackspace as a junior programmer and later moved to a DevOps architect position before advancing to her current role: principal architect of private cloud solutions at Rackspace. Along the way, Sigler was asked about leading a team of developers, but it didn't seem like the right path. 'I wasn't really interested in taking the management route, at least not immediately,' Sigler says. 'While I like working with people, I prefer the technical part.' Read More

WEBCAST: Scribe Software

10 Best Practices for Integrating Your Customer Data
Data integration is often underestimated and poorly implemented, taking significant time and resource. Yet, it's growing in strategic importance to the business, as customer data and touch points grow exponentially with the emergence of cloud, social and mobile technologies. Learn More

Shocking study results: People actually think IT is doing a pretty OK job
Lame jokes about IT support have been around since businesses started using computers, flying in both directions – users are dumb, IT is lazy, and so on.The results of a study released today by IT management firm Landesk, however, paint a more peaceful picture of the relationship between line-of-business and IT. Read More

Four things to watch for as net neutrality rules go into effect
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules went into effect Friday, after an appeals court denied multiple requests to delay them while the agency faces 10 lawsuits challenging the regulations. Read More

How to use enterprise Wi-Fi security in SMBs
It's become de rigeur to protect wireless networks with Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) security, but many small and even midsize businesses default to using the personal or pre-shared key (PSK) mode of WPA2, rather than its enterprise mode. Read More

: Dell Inc.

Infographic: Change Your Desktops, Change Your Business
View this infographic for tips on how to lower IT costs and boost employee productivity for a competitive edge. View now

Grading Cisco cybersecurity after CiscoLive
In anticipation of CiscoLive in San Diego, I posted a blog last week describing my thoughts on Cisco's cybersecurity portfolio. After attending the event this week, I'm ready to further elaborate on these opinions by grading Cisco Cybersecurity in a number of areas. Read More

GSM switch off good news for phone users, not for connected devices
Carriers around the world are converging on 2017 as the year to turn off their GSM networks, with three operators in Singapore announcing Monday their plans to reuse their GSM spectrum for other services. Read More

Review: Single sign-on tools offer impressive new capabilities
Since we last looked at single sign-on products in 2012, the field has gotten more crowded and more capable. A number of new vendors have come to ply their wares, and a number of old vendors have been acquired or altered their products. (Insider Story) Read More


5 low-cost Wi-Fi stumblers and analyzers

Wi-Fi stumblers and analyzers are a must-have when troubleshooting Wi-Fi interference and performance issues, or when checking channel usage.


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