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Friday, June 12, 2015

Goodbye Freedom

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June 12, 2015
On Today's Program

Believe it or not, two kids who were trying to sell lemonade to buy their father a Father's Day present were shut down by authorities in the great state of Texas. Apparently they need to have not one, but TWO permits to sell their lemonade. If that's happening in Texas, how far gone has America become? Regulations are absolutely out of control — and it needs to stop. Glenn has the story and reaction on radio Friday morning. MORE

For months, Johnnie Moore, author of Defying ISIS, has been rallying Christians in America to save those being persecuted in the Middle East. He's heard some disturbing news out of Iraq and Syria, and has chronicled 20 atrocities that have taken place just this week. He shared a few of the stories on radio this morning. Trust us, after this interview you'll know why Glenn is uniting people to stand for the Christians under attack. WATCH

It's hard to believe that Glenn would ever want to go hang out with someone from CNN, but Don Lemon may not be so bad. The CNN host recently came out with a strong condemnation of political correctness, and while they may have disagreed in the past, Glenn couldn't help but agree with Don on this one. Hear the audio and get Glenn's reaction HERE.

The New York Times has actually acknowledged how much Michelle Obama hates America, although that's not exactly how they positioned it. They put together a compilation of the First Lady talking about overcoming racial and economic hardships, but it really sounds like someone who fundamentally misunderstands America and doesn't view it as a land of opportunity. Instead, it's a land of prejudice, inequality, and struggle. Get the audio and Glenn's reaction HERE.

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Glenn opened the doors to a studio audience on last night's TV show, and he shared a story about why he is headed to Birmingham that he hasn't told on air yet. How did he end up going to Birmingham on the five year anniversary of Restoring Honor? It's a much deeper story than you probably expect — and nothing about it is a coincidence. MORE

Glenn reveals the next phase in Russia's dangerous agenda...
In January, The Root: Red Storm laid out the shocking and terrifying geo-political developments emerging in Russia. Since TheBlaze aired Red Storm we are seeing our predictions play out at an alarming rate. Monday at 5pm ET on the Glenn Beck Program, Glenn will reveal the next phase of Russia's aggressive agenda and connect all of the dots, showing you exactly how their plans will shock the globe and cause a worldwide domino effect. WATCH

No one expected this six-year-old's incredible performance of 'Respect' to be seen by millions
When Johanna's mom, Elissa, posted a video of her daughter tap dancing to "Respect" by Aretha Franklin, she had no idea how much attention the video would garnish, becoming a viral hit. See Johanna show off her moves, and be just as jealous as we were that we can't dance like this! WATCH

Fundamental Transformation: Obama trying to change the definition of 'individualism'
Ladies and gentlemen, here we go again. Barack Obama promised his presidency would fundamentally transform the United States of America, and it sounds like he won't stop until they are literally rewriting the dictionary. In a recent speech, President Obama redefined the American concept of "rugged individualism" — and it no longer involves "rugged" or "individualism". Hear the unbelievable audio and get Glenn's reaction HERE.

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