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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Quit the White House and join McDonald's?

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June 10, 2015
On Today's Program

Where do you go after the White House? If you're former press secretary Robert Gibbs, it seems like you just move from one clown to another. McDonald's has brought Gibbs on as their new global director of communications, with the hope he can clean up their image and help open doors in Washington. Yes, government is so out of control that it now makes total sense for a burger company to need a man with access in D.C. Glenn has the story and reaction on radio. WATCH

One of the biggest stories this week has been the pool party in McKinney, TX, where police officers broke up an out-of-control event. The media has focused on a viral video of a police officer pulling his gun out while confronting a number of teens, but Glenn thinks there is a larger issue that is completely being ignored. Why has the media decided to focus on this story? Get Glenn's reaction HERE.

The list of potential GOP nominees keeps growing, and the latest man to enter the race joined Glenn on radio this morning. When it comes to standing against radical Islam, no one speaks louder than Rick Santorum. He spoke about the threat of the Islamic State, the role of government in the gay marriage debate, the police officer in McKinney, TX, and more. Get all the details on the interview HERE.

Last week, during the radio program Stu mentioned a documentary he had watched, entitled Hot Girls Wanted, about the lucrative but damaging porn industry. This morning on radio, Glenn, Pat, and Stu discussed the documentary further, even sharing some of the sad stories of the women entering the industry and the reasoning behind their decisions. MORE

50% of older Americans have a nutritional deficiency that can cause permanent brain damage. Warning signs include fatigue, cloudy thinking, and mood swings. Correcting this deficiency is easy and inexpensive, and doing so will boost your brainpower and energy immediately! Keep reading to learn more…

The writings of Martin Luther King, Jr. have shaped Glenn's thinking in a major way over the past five years – and they're going to play a big role in what he does in the months and years ahead. In order to get a look into what Glenn is thinking, he has decided to share some of the readings that are having a huge impact on his thinking, as well as some of the key passages. The first piece can be found HERE.

The MLK Commitment Card
We're going to be sharing some important resources and reading related to the 'Never Again Is Now' movement on, as we get ready for the 8/28 event in Birmingham, Alabama. On radio this morning, Glenn directed people to the website to find the outline of principles and commitments that MLK shared with his followers. You can find them HERE.

Las Vegas strip club hiring young girls graduating from high school
The strip club Little Darlings has recently posted an ad outside their establishment advertising for young girls from the Class of 2015. The billboard has definitely stirred up some controversy amongst passersby. Hear what Glenn had to say about this billboard. LISTEN

This is why Jim Gaffigan is one of Glenn's favorite comedians
Jim Gaffigan may be one of the funniest men in America. Not only does he manage to make hot pockets, bacon, and fatherhood hilarious, he stays funny without veering into politics. He's got a new TV show starting in a couple weeks, and he joined Glenn on radio to discuss the show, McDonald's ridiculous new McKale, and more. LISTEN

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