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Thursday, June 11, 2015

VMware patches virtual machine escape issue on Windows

Attacking IT security firm was 'silly thing to do,' says Kaspersky | Windows 10, the wish list: 10 things users are still begging for

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VMware patches virtual machine escape issue on Windows
VMware has released security updates for several of its virtualization products in order to address critical vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to break out of virtual machines and execute rogue code on the host operating systems. Read More


Caching the Uncacheable
Think dynamic content is uncacheable? Think again. This video, presentation by Hooman Beheshti, VP of Technology at Fastly, dives into why dynamic content is more cacheable that you think. View now

WEBCAST: Accenture

Shaping the "We Economy"
The Accenture Technology Vision 2015 maps out a three-year set of technology trends that businesses should not ignore. Digitizing everything is giving birth to a new era of "digital ecosystems." View Now.

Attacking IT security firm was 'silly thing to do,' says Kaspersky
So the elevation of privilege patch MS15-061 that Microsoft issued yesterday and labeled as 'important' should perhaps be considered 'critical' since it was exploited as a zero-day by Duqu 2.0 attackers. Kaspersky Lab reported it to Microsoft and waited for the patch to be released before explaining how it was used against the company. Read More

Windows 10, the wish list: 10 things users are still begging for
Although Microsoft won't release the 'final' version of Windows 10 for almost two months, we're nearing the end. Microsoft has said it's moved most of its development to polishing Windows 10, squashing bugs and tweaking the way it looks and feels. Read More

Microsoft predicts China's air pollution with data analysis
Microsoft has taken its big data analysis to China, with computing models that can forecast the air quality across 41 cities in the country. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Bitdefender

KISSME: Keep IT Security Simple, Manageable & Effective
Download this Tech Dossier to understand what IT organizations are doing wrong, and how they can best address IT security across the enterprise. Learn More

19 free cloud storage options
The cloud is full of free storage, if you know where to look. From relatively new companies such as Box and DropBox, to heavyweights Google, Apple and Microsoft, many vendors use free cloud storage as a way to entice users into their clouds in hopes that they will pay more for additional volumes and services. Read More

Review: Dell's slim FC830 server packs a heavyweight punch
Dell introduced the PowerEdge FX2 platform late in 2014 as its flagship entry into the converged infrastructure hardware market. With slots for up to four half-wide 1U server modules or two full-width modules, you could use the 2U FX2 enclosure to implement a heavy-duty virtualization cluster and/or software-defined storage solutions such as VMware Virtual SAN and Windows Server Storage Spaces. (Insider Story) Read More

Microsoft expected to accelerate patch schedule with Windows 10
Last week, Microsoft provided a few more details about the upcoming Windows 10 release of its operating system, and early indications are that new versions of the operating system will now be called branches, and will come out more frequently than the previous two-to-five year release cycle. Read More


Seek to Destroy Security Threats with SIEM
One of the easiest and most powerful ways to deal with malicious threats is to rethink your SIEM. Download the Snare IT security manual to see how you can seek to destroy security threats. It's not hard to do and is the most cost effective security action you can undertake. Learn More

Microsoft acquires BlueStripe for operations management
To help enterprise customers better manage applications sprawled across hybrid clouds, Microsoft has purchased BlueStripe Software, a provider of technology for watching over distributed applications. Read More

Microsoft Surface Hub goes on sale in September
Microsoft has a gigantic new member of its Surface family of touch-enabled devices called the Surface Hub, a widescreen all-in-one computer that can act as the focal point of conference-room meetings. Read More

Microsoft fixes buggy browser in Patch Tuesday update
Internet Explorer, always heavily scrutinized by both security researchers and online attackers, has once again gotten the majority of patches in this month's Microsoft's Patch Tuesday round of monthly bug fixes. Read More

Microsoft exec worries new China regulations will hurt Azure
Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service has been growing fast in China, but a company executive has warned that the government's changing tech policies could slow its momentum. Read More

Microsoft outlines Internet of Things plans for Windows 10
At the Computex show in Taipei last week, Microsoft outlined its plans for the Internet of Things (IoT) and how both Windows 10 and Azure will play a part in the strategy. Read More


11 pointless but awesome Linux terminal tricks

Here are some great Linux terminal tips and tricks, each one as pointless as it is awesome.


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