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Thursday, June 18, 2015

We are not forsaken

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June 18, 2015
On Today's Program

A heartbreaking story out of Charleston, SC. Alleged shooter Dylann Roof gunned down nine people at Bethel AME Church in South Carolina Wednesday night. On radio this morning, Glenn said he would be flying to Charleston on Friday to show the community that they are loved and supported by people all over the world. "There is persecution, but we're not forsaken. We may feel cast down, but we're not destroyed," Glenn said on radio. Listen to the powerful monologue HERE.

The story of the tragic shooting in Charleston, SC continues to unfold. Suspect Dylann Roof has been taken into custody after nine people were killed. As the nation mourns and reacts to the tragedy, TheBlaze has the latest on the story HERE.

As the news continued to unfold out of Charleston this morning, Glenn asked Bishop James Lowe to join the show and talk about the news through the lens of the larger movement of love they have championed together in recent weeks. Bishop Lowe described the shooting as not only an attack on the black community and the Christian community in Charleston, but on every house of worship all over the world. "We have to take it beyond black and white. We start to see this thing as human beings that God created," Bishop Lowe said. Listen to the whole interview HERE.

Rand Paul released a new ad talking about his radical new tax plans, and Glenn couldn't be more excited. It's the best thing any candidate has said about the IRS to date. Will anyone be able to top it? Check it out HERE.

[JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT WAS UNCOVERED] Whether you think Reagan is the greatest president ever... or even if you don't care much for him...what you are about to read could change everything you've ever thought about him. Click here to see how this discovery affects YOUR health.

We're going to be sharing some important resources and reading related to the "Never Again Is Now" movement on, as we get ready for the 8/28 event in Birmingham, Alabama. In the wake of the tragic shooting in Charleston, it's more important than ever to commit to love and nonviolent resistance. On radio this morning, Glenn directed people to the website to find the outline of principles and commitments that MLK shared with his followers. Please print and sign the pledge HERE.

Will Bobby Jindal be the next Republican to throw his hat in the ring for president?
This morning on radio, Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana called into the radio show to discuss a big announcement he has coming up this Wednesday. Is Governor Bobby Jindal possibly running for president in 2016? See what Governor Bobby Jindal had to say about how he stands out amongst other candidates, what he thinks of the government being involved in marriage, and his opinion on how to handle ISIS. LISTEN

How do we avoid the evil mistakes of the past?
Theologian Alice von Hildebrand, wife of Dietrich von Hildebrand and a harsh critic of Hitler's Nazi Germany, joined the program last night. She spoke with Glenn about the evils of the past and how to avoid them in the present. The interview covers the importance of faith and family, and how the world can turn back on the path of righteousness. Don't miss this interview with a truly remarkable woman. WATCH

'Good God, what is wrong with us?' Glenn witnesses a partial birth abortion
Glenn played some of Carly Fiorina's interview on The View and brought up the happy topic of abortion. When Fiorina shot down Whoopi's point, they of course abruptly ended the interview. Whoopi couldn't believe that a large majority of people are against late term abortions. Perhaps that's because she's never seen one — how horrific are they? Glenn finds out. (WARNING: extremely graphic content) MORE

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