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Monday, July 13, 2015

Glenn met Marco Rubio!

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July 13, 2015
On Today's Program

Over the weekend, Glenn met Sen. Marco Rubio for an off the record one-on-one meeting. Rubio's one of many Republicans hoping to be the GOP nominee in 2016. Glenn shared his thoughts about the candidate on Facebook shortly after they talked. MORE

For some reason, a lot of callers have been big Donald Trump fans. Despite having laid out policy after policy from Trump that shows him to be left of most Democrats on issues, like immigration. Many people called into the show today trying to say he was going to be tough on the border. Stu literally couldn't take it, and nearly exploded on one caller who didn't seem to grasp just how progressive The Donald's politics are. LISTEN

Remember how the Greek people held a referendum just a few days ago to overwhelmingly reject the austerity measures presented by the European Union? Well, the two sides finally came to a deal over the weekend to avoid financial collapse — but it's way worse for the Greek people than they were expecting. Pat and Stu had the story and reaction on radio. LISTEN

Glenn writes: "There are many shows on Broadway. The most successful promote lifestyles that do not reflect 90% of our nation, or they openly mock God, the religious, conservative principles, our nation or those live in the center of the country. There are shows, usually the older shows, that are just plain fun and don't hurt anyone but I find them to be rare." READ

Earlier this year, Glenn became a huge fan of AMC's zombie survival show, The Walking Dead. He binge-watched all the episodes on Netflix, and has been eagerly anticipating the show's return. This weekend, fans were treated to their first look of the show's sixth season — and it is INTENSE! If you were watching along with Glenn, you'll want to check out this trailer. WATCH

Piper's parents knew that their daughter was having trouble crawling, so they had the doctor take a look at her during a checkup. It turned out that Piper was EXTREMELY far-sighted in both eyes. After being fitted with corrective lenses, the parents took Piper out for dinner and had her try them on. Piper's reaction to seeing her parents clearly for the first time is simply amazing. WATCH

Don't miss this important information about ISIS' plan
TheBlaze continues to show you important documentaries and specials during Trafficking Terrorism month. This Wednesday, July 15th at 8PM ET watch Total Confrontation followed by The Purge at 8:30 PM ET where we'll tell you how ISIS' plan is beginning to unfold at an alarming rate and how the FBI has purged key intelligence that would help protect us. Also, don't miss our new special, Threat Matrix: ISIS July 16th at 8PM ET. WATCH

'Shameful...but expected': NYT keeps Ted Cruz off Bestsellers list
Wouldn't you expect a popular presidential candidate in the middle of a press tour for a new book to at least rate on The New York Times bestseller list? Well, despite selling over an impressive 11,000 books in its first week — which would put it in THIRD — the paper kept the book completely off the list. Why? A Times spokesperson claims Cruz's book didn't meet "uniform standards". WOW! Glenn couldn't believe it, and gave his reaction to the story HERE.

RESULTS: Who is leading the audience poll for GOP candidates?
Did Rand Paul's tax plan win you over this time? Did Ted Cruz's unbelievable Ned Flander's impression make you feel feelings you've never felt for another human being before? You asked for the July results of our GOP candidate audience poll, and have them. Get the results HERE.

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