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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hi,I just see the email

wonder the guidelines of the group & your thoughts on these,after years research I joined 5 health businesses, in this http://panorama-antiaging.blogspot.comau/,quit 2 being top products but to expensive,spray vitamins held in the mouth a minute or 2 are absorbed about 98% better than tablets,50% above injections,my favorite has 2 medicinal mushroom +3 potent fruit antioxidants in organic coffee & a range of capsules,I use 1 sachet combine with natural cocoa take 2 big mugs twice the size of normal cups,add crushed or crystallized ginger to aid digestion,slippery elm bark powder helping control both constipation & diarrhea,or beat lecithin granules, gelatin or coconut fat in to negate any drying effect on the skin,in all my life nothing has brightened my morning as much,coffee alone about $30 combined with 1 lot of capsules is $60.55 monthly if nobody joins under you,personally sponsor 3 & go in an auto 3X10 matrix so it will soon be free & grow until having more to give friends,Boost Energy, Vitality+Longevity with Mushroom Coffee, Regeneration has top products ,the biggest range,some things heavy overseas but fine in the US & Canada, apart from a mild stomach upset,Ive not had the slightest illness for years ,it lasted about two days half what most had,I wonder if any viral mailers are free,the link could be sent daily to targeted traffic, more content added monthly from below to attract any searching for items listed, Peter Bardsley
my mum had a hard life yet was fit at 98 as many half that,died almost 101 & may have been home but near 99 one night tripped on a rug,cracked her pelvis developing a urinary tract infection,no vitamins but a top diet,regular carrot juice Etc.,
the zone diet 40% protein,30% carbohydrate+30% fat is best for general health & helps with all addictions ,no white flour & rye better than wheat,one man had been in hospital a few times with lung trouble but was so stressed without smoking his wife bought some saying to puff a few daily for her sake,i advised the diet,gave B complex to relax nerves+ orange C to suck not chew whenever the craving came,in a week he was never tempted again even when the dad was dying & a son jailed for burglary,Now I'd say spray vitamins but it worked brilliantly,Also I have a book "saturated fat can save your life,coconut fat the best & sugar made from sap of flowers is far healthier than cane sugar,even raw,macadamia,oat,almond & my favorite rice milk are far healthier than cows,get coconut ice cream, better than milk, with chocolate, coffee, various berry extracts, one even chili,cold on the tongue,warm on the palate,I grow basil.sage, rosemary, mint+ lemon balm,add vegetable or beef stock powder,for a top savory drink, lemon grass & raspberry leaves add honey for a sweet one,I eat pawpaw with the skin on if clean & leaves of seedlings to aid digestion, am sad milk thistle grows better wild than cultivated ,infrared saunas excrete far more toxins than normal ones,the clothing & bedding conserves body energy good in all conditions,if you know anyone with cancer ascorbic acid IV+coffee enemas help search mum's not having chemo,I use this twice daily,

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