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Thursday, July 09, 2015

HotAir Daily Express 07/09/2015

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Video: Bush charged $100,000 for a charity speech — for wounded vets
7/9/2015 10:01:21 AM  Ed Morrissey
Ever since the wealth realized by Bill and Hillary Clinton from their public-speaking events emerged into public view, especially the high-roller lifestyle that gets funded by universities and charities seeking their help, the national media has searched

Trump 1999 MTP interview on late-term abortions: old news?
7/9/2015 9:21:01 AM  Ed Morrissey
When I first saw this clip after it made the rounds on social media last night, the first thought that came to mind was Donald Trump has been running for president for longer than I remembered. This exchange comes from an interview on Meet the Press with

Baltimore Mayor fires police commissioner (which should solve everything, I'm sure)
7/9/2015 8:41:03 AM  Jazz Shaw
More changes are taking place in Baltimore, home to one of the more rapidly rising crime rates in the country. The mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, has been under continuous pressure to get something done to address all the problems in the streets and it

South Carolina legislature votes to remove Confederate battle flag
7/9/2015 8:01:31 AM  Taylor Millard
The Confederate battle flag is about to leave the South Carolina State House. The Legislature approved pulling the flag down early this morning after 12 hours of debate. It could end up coming down tomorrow once Governor Nikki Haley signs the bill later

Quotes of the day
7/8/2015 10:41:30 PM  Allahpundit
Donald Trump is leading the Republican field in North Carolina, according to a poll released Wednesday. The billionaire businessman has the support of 16 percent of GOP primary voters in the Tar Heel State in the latest survey from left-leaning Public

Rick Perry's video letter to Trump: Your comments about Mexicans are offensive and don't represent our party
7/8/2015 9:21:28 PM  Allahpundit
A shrewd statement pairing his record on border enforcement with a defense of Mexican-Americans, but like I said last week, it’s sad that a solid conservative who spent 15 years as governor of Texas needs a media war with Donald Trump to get

Idaho: Yeah, we're in no rush to remove traditional marriage language from our constitution
7/8/2015 8:41:32 PM  Matt Vespa
While known for its potatoes and Napoleon Dynamite, the Gem State is also as red as they come concerning politics. The composition of the state legislature is overwhelming Republican, and the state constitution has marriage  defined as a

Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy: Hillary Is Being Demonstrably False
7/8/2015 8:28:59 PM  Duane Patterson
So a day after Hillary Clinton went on CNN and lied to Brianna Keilar about never having been under subpoena regarding her emails, the chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, Trey Gowdy, issued a press release explaining why that statement

Imaginary voter fraud update: Texas GOP wants to know if Dem chairman was in on "politqueras"
7/8/2015 8:01:58 PM  Jazz Shaw
Remember all of that imaginary voter fraud? You know… the sort of thing that never happens and proves that Republicans are a bunch of racist, women hating bigots who don’t want anyone else voting? Well, if you stop by the Lone Star State you

Marco Rubio: I oppose a constitutional amendment that would let states ban gay marriage
7/8/2015 7:21:21 PM  Allahpundit
Mystifying. Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said Wednesday he would oppose a constitutional amendment allowing states to ban same-sex marriage after the Supreme legalized it nationwide, even though he disagrees with the landmark 5-4

Federal Judge orders Obama administration to court to explain why it has ignored his immigration injunction
7/8/2015 6:41:09 PM  Bruce McQuain
Federal Judge Andrew Hanen, who previously issued an injunction against further enforcement of President Obama's unilateral executive actions on immigration, has issued an order directing the defendants (to include the HHS secretary) appear before him in

Nikki Haley makes "emotional plea" at meeting of SC GOP lawmakers to remove the Confederate flag
7/8/2015 6:01:17 PM  Allahpundit
The state senate overwhelmingly passed a bill to have the flag removed from the statehouse grounds two days ago. The Republican-dominated house is debating the bill today, together with a mess of amendments designed to slow the process down. Evidently

ICYMI: Pat Toomey releases first TV ad, while Sestak ran over kids at 4th of July event
7/8/2015 5:41:27 PM  Matt Vespa
The polling isn't frequent given that we’re over a year away from the 2016 elections, but incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) is looking as if he will be in decent shape (for now) to fend off another Democratic challenge from his 2010

Maine Governor LePage demonstrates how not to veto a bill
7/8/2015 5:21:56 PM  Jazz Shaw
Governing is hard, and it’s not always just the poisonous, partisan politics or tricks of the media which can trip you up. There’s so many rules to follow! Who can keep track of them all? That seems to be the situation which hit the

Hillary to CNN: I was never subpoenaed. Gowdy: Um, here's the subpoena
7/8/2015 4:41:35 PM  Guy Benson
People “should and do” trust her, she insists, laughing off ugly polls on that very question. After all, why on earth would anyone doubt Mrs. Clinton’s veracity?  Shot: “I’ve never had a subpoena.” Chaser, via

Is Sanjay Gupta a doctor or a reporter? Even he's not sure
7/8/2015 4:01:35 PM  Jazz Shaw
I ran across a rather oddball story at NPR this week having to do with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, medical expert and reporter for CNN. He’s a neurosurgeon by trade (originally) but covers a number of usually medical related topics for Turner’s

Trump: I'll win the Latino vote if I'm nominated
7/8/2015 3:21:22 PM  Allahpundit
This is a classic Trumpism in how it walks the line between out-and-out trolling and something a real politician might plausibly say. Ask the entire field of Republican candidates if the nominee has a shot at winning a majority of Latinos next fall and

Hillary's right… Trump is awful. She should give that money back.
7/8/2015 2:41:12 PM  Jazz Shaw
Everyone here seems to be giving Hillary Clinton a hard time and it’s only fair that we give her credit when she does the right thing. I suppose that job sadly falls to me. Clearly everyone in the media agrees that Donald Trump is just an awful

A deal at all costs: White House may drop deadline for Iran nuke agreement entirely to keep talks going
7/8/2015 2:01:44 PM  Allahpundit
If no deal is better than a bad deal, as the White House has said repeatedly, why not walk now that Iran’s refused to budge at the second extended deadline? And if the answer to that is “because they still believe they can get a good deal

Almost half of all federal criminal cases are filed in five districts on U.S. southern border
7/8/2015 1:21:49 PM  Bruce McQuain
41.7% of all Federal criminal charges come from 5 districts that are on the US southern border.  In one district, West Texas, the US attorney filed 5,832 cases.  That’s more than all the cases filed for the entire length of the US norther border

Mary Fallin isn't removing that 10 commandments statue… yet
7/8/2015 12:41:56 PM  Jazz Shaw
On the grounds of the Capitol building in Oklahoma City there stands a stone monument of the Ten Commandments, privately funded by state legislator Mike Ritze. Being such an obvious target for leftist forces, complaints where made and lawsuits filed. The

Breaking: New York Stock Exchange suspends trading for unknown reasons; Update: NYSE to reopen at 3:10
7/8/2015 12:01:34 PM  Allahpundit
It involves an unspecified “technical issue” but that’s all they’re saying as I write this near noon on the east coast. Coincidentally, United Airlines had to ground all of its flights worldwide earlier this morning due to a

Hillary: San Francisco should have turned over that illegal to the feds before he shot someone
7/8/2015 11:21:42 AM  Allahpundit
Glenn Reynolds says this amounts to her coming out against sanctuary cities. I doubt it. That would be way, way off-message for a candidate who’s depending heavily on Latinos next November. Why hand the GOP an easy talking point like “Even

Former CNN anchor: We're alive thanks to the 2nd Amendment
7/8/2015 10:41:56 AM  Ed Morrissey
Last night, Megyn Kelly updated the harrowing story of Lynne Russell and her husband Chuck de Caro, who got robbed at a motel and ended up in a gunfight. De Caro, a former CNN reporter and at one time a Green Beret commando, took three bullets and lived,

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