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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Obama continues to destroy the country

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July 15, 2015
On Today's Program

Newly announced presidential candidate, Gov. Scott Walker, joined the radio show Wednesday morning to discuss his stance on many of 2016's key issues, including fighting Common Core and illegal immigration. Walker also outlined his record as a governor of a state infected with progressivism and the conservative victories he had achieved. Has anyone else been able to fight off liberals and progressives in order to push an agenda that works? Get the details on the interview HERE.

Everyone is heralding the Iran nuclear deal as "historic," but it could end up being remembered as one of the most dangerous deals brokered in recent history. But as Pat and Stu pointed out on radio this morning, this deal guarantees that the sanctions restricting Iran from building a nuclear weapon will undoubtedly ever return. In a few years, Iran ill be able to amass most kinds of conventional weapons. In ten years, they'll be able to have ballistic missiles. Could we see an arms race in the Middle East? Pat and Stu have the story and more reasons why this deal has endangered not only the Middle East, but the world. MORE

On Tuesday, the headlines screamed a landmark deal has been reached on an Iran nuclear program. Everyone is confident that this deal will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The world is praising the arduous Iran nuclear talks as a historic agreement. The only thing this deal is going to be remembered for is supporting the anecdote, this period of American weakness in future history books. MORE

Glenn writes: "I just took a break to see what you are saying and thinking about. I am avoiding anything that is about politics. Focused on hope and the spiritual. I saw how many people have engaged with the story this morning of the holocaust survivor who now has started a fund to rescue Christians. I began to cry. I know who you are and I know your heart. We may not even agree with each other politically, but America has always been great, because America, her people, are good. You give me hope." MORE


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Jewish peer who fled Nazis is rescuing Christians fleeing ISIS to repay 'debt'
"A Jewish peer who fled occupied Austria as a child is funding the rescue of up to 2,000 Christians from Syria and Iraq as a way of showing his gratitude to the religion whose members saved him from the Nazis," reports The Independent. Read the story that filled Glenn with joy this morning HERE.

TONIGHT: Don't miss this important information about ISIS' plan
TheBlaze continues to show you important documentaries and specials during Trafficking Terrorism month. Tonight at 8PM ET watch Total Confrontation, followed by The Purge at 8:30 PM ET, where we'll tell you how ISIS' plan is beginning to unfold at an alarming rate and how the FBI has purged key intelligence that would help protect us. WATCH

Attention, Pro-Aborts: Here are two arguments you can't make any more
Matt Walsh writes: "Abortion is the highest sacrament in the Church of Liberalism. The killing of children is considered even holier and more sacred to its disciples than gay marriage or genital mutilation. Like the primitive pagan cultures before them, liberalism looks upon the sacred rite of child sacrifice with a deep reverence. The liberal has a cult-like, religious devotion to sacrament of infanticide. Liberals will venerate it for the same reason Catholics venerate the Eucharist and Muslims the Koran — because it is the centerpiece of their worship, the core, the soul of the thing." READ

Shut it down: Planned Parenthood caught selling unborn baby body parts on camera
There are many, many reasons to shut down Planned Parenthood. First and foremost, would be that they facilitate the murder of hundreds of thousands of unborn babies each year. They also were caught helping sex slaves figure out how to cheat on taxes. Selling body parts of aborted babies was another strike against. What's Stu's argument? Find out HERE.

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