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Friday, July 10, 2015

One Opportunity to Grow Stronger NOW!

What's up Big Dog!

Chris B here and I wanted to hit you up with a special 

As you know at Strength Camp HQ we are consistently 
challenging ourselves and our people (YOU).

One of the ways we do this is through good ol' competition.

You have obviously seen Elliott and I compete. 
First, through football, and then, through the Strongman 

Hell, you even see us have "friendly" competition
with damn near every workout we do on video.

Competing is in our DNA. 

It's in your DNA as well whether you know it or not.   

But the real reason we love competing so much is 
because of the feeling it gives you in the 
preparation and testing of your courage and will.

I know that when I set a goal and work 
my ass off towards that goal for a period of time 
it allows me to become a stronger 
version of myself each time!

With each and every training session I am not 
only building my body but building my mind
to elevate it to new heights.

Once you conquer a physical feat in athletics 
you can begin to approach other areas of 
life in this same manner.

You look at business, relationships, and your 
happiness as a goal that you set and 
can achieve through discipline and beating on that 
craft each and every day.

Sounds dope right?

My challenge for you is to go out and find some form 
of competition to pull you out of your comfort zone 
and challenge your body and your mind day in and 
day out preparing for it.  

A great one that you could hit the ground running with

It's our hybrid strength athletic competition that 
challenges every aspect of fitness within each event.

We love this because it brings our 
worldwide brotherhood together 
in a classic battle of the baddest athlete.

I look forward to seeing you there and 
more importantly hearing about how you have  
become a new person in the process.

As we say here, It's not the outcome but the process
that Grows You Stronger!

Chris B

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