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Monday, July 13, 2015

TEST: Best handheld Wi-Fi test tools

China retains supercomputing crown in latest Top 500 ranking | Hacking Team's arsenal included at least three unpatched exploits for Flash Player

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TEST: Best handheld Wi-Fi test tools
Many Wi-Fi test tools are software-based, such as Wi-Fi stumblers and analyzer programs that use a laptop's internal Wi-Fi or maybe a USB wireless adapter. Here, we review four hardware-based products that you can throw in a laptop bag and carry around with you. (Insider Story) Read More

WHITE PAPER: Neustar Inc

Don't Let Your DDoS Defense Fall Behind
DDoS – Distributed Denial of Service attacks – a familiar foe that's changed and evolved to become even more dangerous. But has your security kept pace with today's attacks? Read how a flexible hybrid solution gives you the best chance of detection and protection against these ever-changing attacks. Learn More


Healthcare IT Demands Performance, Reliability & Scalability
Join our panel of speakers as they explore the importance of a total healthcare IT solution as it relates to electronic health record solution provider MEDITECH. They will cover the benefits of healthcare IT consulting, hardware and software solutions, certifications and compliance as well as Dell's longstanding partnership with Intel. View now

China retains supercomputing crown in latest Top 500 ranking
A supercomputer developed by China's National Defense University remains the fastest publicly known computer in the world while the U.S. is close to an historic low in the latest edition of the closely followed Top 500 supercomputer ranking. Read More

Hacking Team's arsenal included at least three unpatched exploits for Flash Player
Recently breached surveillance software maker, Hacking Team, had access to three different exploits for previously unknown vulnerabilities in Flash Player. All of them are now out in the open, putting Internet users at risk. Read More

The grim reaper approaches for Windows Server 2003
Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 has its Windows XP moment coming very soon, and that's bad news for IT leaders who have been dragging their feet. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Silver Peak Systems Inc

5 Reasons why Enterprises are Moving to Broadband Their WAN
The WAN has always been about connecting users to applications and moving data, but the playing field has now changed with datacenters migrating to the cloud along with missioncritical applications. Ultimately the way that enterprises and their users do business has changed - and so must their approach to connectivity. Learn more >>

Internet's non-profit domain, .org, turns 30
We take for granted today that non-profit organizations are to be found in the Internet's .org neighborhood, just as commercial entities are on .com. And it was 30 years ago today that the first of the former addresses – – was registered. Read More

Microsoft tries to rain on Amazon's cloud parade
All eyes in the cloud market were on Amazon Web Services as the company held a Summit in New York City that attracted thousands to the Javits Center in Manhattan. And as Amazoners were partying in New York, Microsoft tried to rain on Amazon's cloud parade. Read More

VMware patches vulnerabilities in Workstation, Player, Fusion and Horizon View Client
VMware released patches for serious vulnerabilities in several of its products that could lead to arbitrary code execution, privilege escalation on the host OS and denial of service. Read More


Build More and Grow More with Cloudant DBaaS
This brochure explores the key elements to consider when exploring new data management approaches to build and deploy massively scalable web and mobile applications and why a NoSQL database-as-a-service (DBaaS) like Cloudant is the ideal solution to help accelerate time to market. Learn More

10 'smart luggage' options for tech-savvy travelers
It's still the early days of 'smart luggage' and connected baggage, but these 10 technologically enhanced travel tools suggest the future is bright for tech-savvy roadwarriors. Read More

Amazon makes it easier to test mobile apps in its cloud
At the AWS Summit in New York, officials with the cloud vendor announced a new service that allows developers to test mobile applications on a range of devices. Read More

Google fine tunes spam catching tools
Google has reduced spam reaching inboxes to a fraction of a percent, but in the process sometimes misclassifies bulk-mailed messages like monthly statements and ticket receipts. It's a big problem for large bulk emailers of legitimate messages. Read More

Bad IT: Don't make these mistakes in your organization
We've all worked at 'that place,' where processes weren't followed, best practices were unheard of, and dysfunctional rhythms and routines were the law of the land. In some ways, these experiences can be our greatest teacher, providing an object lesson in how things are not supposed to work. (Insider Story) Read More


12 fun, free summer classes for techies

MOOCs from EdX, Coursera and newcomer Kadenze tackle superheroes, science of cooking, alien worlds and more.


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