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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Too late?

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July 08, 2015
On Today's Program

Why in the world would any American politician think they can help figure out the financial crisis overwhelming Greece and the European Union? After all, many of the problems in Greece echo those in America. And yet, President Obama inserted himself into the bailout talks. What kind of solutions could he really offer? Stu broke down the parallels between Greece and America on TV last night, and warned America to wake up before we end up in the same place as Greece. WATCH

Remember Jared? For years, Jared Fogle served as the spokesperson for Subway sandwiches and acting as a symbol for the chain's weight loss message. But two months after a business partner was arrested on charges of child pornography, his relationship with the company that made him famous looks to be coming to an end. On Tuesday, the FBI raided his house as part of the investigation and Subway suspended their relationship. Get the story and reaction from radio HERE.

Stu explains: Think about your marriage for a second and break it up by percentage. Yes, I'm a true romantic. Where do you get the value in your marriage? What is important? Well, love, right? Obviously this is usually number one on the list, hopefully. Faith, recognition by your church, your faith is important to most but not everybody. Family, recognition by your family is of course important to some. Kids, having the most stable unit possible to raise a family is important to many, but how about government? Where does government fit in there? MORE

Remember the Oregon couple that was fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding? It became one of many iconic stories in the past year that showed the progressive war on religious freedom taking place in America. In the wake of the Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage nationwide, many fear these attacks on freedom of conscience will only escalate. Stu and Pat talked to Aaron Klein, one of the owners of the bakery, on radio this morning about the latest on this story. LISTEN

What do YOU want to ask Glenn's staff?? Anything you want to know about what it is really like to work with him? We'll answer Thursday — post your questions HERE.

Being in the spotlight has been both a blessing and a curse for Glenn. On the one hand, it allows him to reach millions of Americans across the country with vital messages of hope and information. But on the other, he has had to have constant security for the better part of a decade. On Monday's TV show, he described one of the worst death threats he ever got and a terrifying close call that changed his life. Hear the incredible story and how it changed Glenn's life forever. WATCH

TONIGHT 8PM ET, Trafficking Terrorism month begins
Muslim Extremists have infiltrated our borders. Hear the terrifying evidence no one is talking about. It all starts off tonight with special re-air of Rumors of War, at 8PM ET. WATCH

Who should be the GOP nominee? Take the latest poll and let us know YOUR choice
Get empowered America, because it's that time again to vote on who YOU think should be the GOP presidential nominee! This time around, we have a solid 16 to choose from. Will Rand Paul's tax plan win you over this time? Did Ted Cruz's unbelievable Ned Flander's impression make you feel feelings you've never felt for another human being before? Let us know and we will reveal the results of our highly scientific poll later this week. VOTE

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