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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tour Target's new Internet of Things concept store

  Reddit's new CEO tries to clean up the 'dark side' of the site | 12 fun, free summer classes for techies

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In photos: Tour Target's new Internet of Things concept store
Last week Target opened its Open Home concept store right next to the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, home to many high-profile tech conferences. One Target exec described the installation as 'part retail store, part learning lab, part meeting space,' and there are plans to devote Thursday evenings for smart home events in the space, Target says, from tech talks and meet-ups to product demos and product launches. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Neustar Inc
Don't Let Your DDoS Defense Fall Behind
DDoS – Distributed Denial of Service attacks – a familiar foe that's changed and evolved to become even more dangerous. But has your security kept pace with today's attacks? Read how a flexible hybrid solution gives you the best chance of detection and protection against these ever-changing attacks. Learn More

WEBCAST: Lockheed Martin
The ROI of Cybersecurity; Does it Exist?
During this Live Webinar on May 20th @ 1PM, a panel will discuss findings of the Ponemon Survey: Risk and Innovation in Cybersecurity Investments. The panel will explore key findings from the survey and discuss effective methods of cybersecurity measurement and implementation. Learn More

Reddit's new CEO tries to clean up the 'dark side' of the site
Once regarded as a freewheeling discussion forum, Reddit is now struggling with creating rules to curb offensive and obscene content on the site, risking alienating a number of users, some of them concerned about protecting freedom of speech on the site. Read More

12 fun, free summer classes for techies
Take a break from your day job and immerse yourself in baseball analytics. Or, escape to alien worlds, soak up superhero culture, and study the science of happiness. MOOCs are an easy way to feed your brain without draining your wallet. This summer, check out some fun, free, tech-friendly options from EdX, Coursera and newcomer Kadenze. Read More

With fresh cash in hand, HackerRank wants to be the 'default resume' for coders
Good programmers are notoriously hard to find, but HackerRank thinks it has the answer. A fresh cash infusion suggests it may be on to something. Read More

: BMC Software

The IT Budget Line Item Ripe for Reduction
The resources in this eBook explain how to identify a number of different reduction opportunities where changes will result in lowering peak usage and therefore reducing MLC costs. Learn More.

July 2015 Patch Tuesday: Microsoft closes holes being exploited in the wild
For July 2015, Microsoft released 14 security bulletins, with four patches rated as "critical" remote code execution (RCE) fixes. Read More

Most Google de-listing requests are from everyday folk, leaked data shows
Newly leaked figures reveal that the vast majority of people who exercised their right to be "forgotten" by Google's services in Europe are everyday members of the public, with just 5 percent of requests coming from criminals, politicians and high-profile public figures. Read More

IDG Contributor Network: Why healthcare depends on mainframe computers
One of the best parts of my job is that I get to go to a number of enterprise computing conferences every year, which means that I get to talk to a lot of people who live and breathe big iron every day. Read More

: DocuSign

eBook: Get the Most From Your CRM
Read this eBook to learn how you can extend the value of your CRM system to see increases in operational efficiency, lead conversion, customer satisfaction, and sales revenues. View now

Google opens its cloud to Microsoft workloads
Google today expanded support for Windows workloads running on its cloud, a move that the company hopes will better position its Google Cloud Platform to court enterprise customers. Read More

The top 10 supercomputers in the world, 20 years ago
In 1995, the top-grossing film in the U.S. was Batman Forever. The L.A. Rams were moving back to St. Louis, and Michael Jordan was moving back to the Bulls. Violence was rife in the Balkans. The O.J. trial happened. It was a very different time, to be sure. But all that was nothing compared to how different the world of supercomputing was. Read More

Researchers sound alarm about the role of any and all phone sounds in distracted driving
You say you don't answer your phone and wouldn't dream of texting while driving? Not good enough, say researchers from Florida State University. Read More



NASA's cool, radical and visionary concepts

From satellite swarms to interstellar subs NASA is advancing transformative aerospace projects.


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