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Friday, August 14, 2015

Did Dr. Ben Carson just shut down a pro-life argument?!

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August 14, 2015
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Some of those most ardent anti-abortion activists still make the case that they would permit abortions in order to save the life of the mother. Having worked in medicine for most of his life, Dr. Ben Carson has a unique perspective on this debate. Dr. Carson claims that abortions done to save the life of the mother are actually rare due to medical advancements, and this is actually a false argument. Glenn has the story and reaction HERE.

If you've listened to Glenn lately, you've heard him talk a lot about the growing movement he hopes will unite people in support of life — all human life — beginning in Birmingham, Alabama. Yesterday, Glenn held a webinar with David Barton, Bishop Lowe and one hundred other pastors to discuss some of their plans for the event. Audio from the webinar is now available. Get all the details HERE.

Have you noticed how comfortable evil is among us today? Evil flaunts itself, it is so comfortable. It makes goodness feel uncomfortable. It's time to turn the tables on evil and make evil uncomfortable again. It will start with you in Birmingham, Alabama. Join the movement HERE.

Sec. John Kerry said that if America stops the Iran nuclear deal, the US dollar could no longer be the world's reserve currency. What does that really mean? Glenn feels like something really bad is coming for the U.S. dollar and the global economy, and asked economist David Buckner to come onto the radio show and discuss. LISTEN

Next Tuesday evening, skip the line and join Glenn's live book signing from wherever you are! You'll be able to watch Glenn live as he answers questions you've submitted and personally signs the first 1,000 copies of his newest book, IT IS ABOUT ISLAM. Pre-order today for your personalized copy HERE.

Target has announced it's progressing with the times and getting rid of gender-based references throughout its stores. Glenn took Target to task on radio today with a very common sense argument he's willing to stand up and say boldly, no matter what anybody else says. LISTEN

Does diet soda make you fat?
Stu writes: As Glenn Beck pointed out on radio this week, we have lived through a "Century of Lies." Sure, he meant lies about a lot of important stuff. But, what's important to me is my soda. One of the most vicious lies that we've been led to believe is that diet soda makes you fat. While you might not care about diet soda, you might even hate it, you have to see the horrific failures of the media and how it reports on science. You'll never see a more clear example of media failure. MORE

Glenn's honest questions for prominent conservatives
It's no secret that Glenn has some strong questions about Donald Trump's credibility and record as a true conservative. He has admitted to donating to politicians on both side of the aisle in exchange for favorable treatment. He has praised universal healthcare in the past and spoken highly of Hillary and Bill Clinton. Despite knowing all this, some prominent conservatives have expressed support for Trump's candidacy. Why Trump over other, more principles conservatives? Read the full thing HERE.

Glenn: 'We need to pray that the dominoes do not begin to tumble this fall'
"Just follow these few links tonight that I compiled in five minutes and tell me that politics will solve our problems. This is a dire warning. I fear that September may be a very bad month for America and the western world. Something is coming. I hope to God that I am wrong…" Read the rest of Glenn's dire warning HERE.

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