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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Glenn’s singing debut?!

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August 12, 2015
On Today's Program

Glenn told his audience on Facebook yesterday how he's working on singing to help strengthen his vocal cords with his award-winning vocal coach — the same one who taught Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon how to sing for Walk the Line among other things. If Glenn learns how to sing like Johnny Cash, which song should he pick? MORE

Having received a tremendous amount of audience participation, Stu released the results of the presidential poll for August 2015. There was some serious movement among many of the candidates, which Glenn and the guys discussed in detail on radio today. Did the results match their expectations? See how your favorite and least favorite candidates measured up in the rankings. HERE

On radio today, Glenn interviewed Brian Mast, Afghan vet and double amputee who recently announced his candidacy for the U.S. Congress in Florida's 18th congressional district. In the interview, Mast talked about the most painful experience of his life, when his team put tourniquets on his legs after the IED he'd been searching for found him first, exploding underneath him. LISTEN

The dying night club industry, the rise of local currencies and the growing popularity of apps like Tinder, Uber and Lyft reflect the "pivot" taking place as the millennial generation begins to leave its mark on the world. On radio yesterday, Glenn explained why he thinks getting a driver's license won't be a big deal in the future and why that might not be such a bad thing. MORE

Your survival food stockpile is missing something incredibly important. If you're not eating fruits & veggies during a crisis, you're missing out on 80% of the vitamins, minerals and nutrition you're going to need to stay alive and thrive in a survival situation. And yet these are the 1st things to disappear when a crisis hits. I just found a new way for you to get all the fruits and veggies you'll need in a convenient package that's guaranteed to last for 25 years, so you never have to worry about it ever again. MORE

Sixteen days before we meet for what Glenn calls "the beginning of the Third Great Awakening," there are so many signs of people just starting to wake up. Now is the time to boldly stand, speak and act as one for self-evident truths. Never Again Is Now! Join the movement HERE.

Adorable boy who lost both of his parents on a mission to make people smile
Orphaned at the age of six, Jaden Hayes chose to deal with his grief in a most remarkable way — making other people smile. After losing his father at age four and waking up last month to discover his mother had died in her sleep after putting him to bed, the youngster from Savanna Georgia is now lifting the spirits of anyone and everyone he can find. See if you can get through the video without tearing up. WATCH

Glenn's newest book, It IS About Islam, will be released August 18th
Parts of Islam have been hijacked by radical and violent sects. The West needs to understand that even though not all Islam is bad, and it is only the psychotic Islam that is bad, we are still fighting a holy war. To be politically correct and call the war waging on anything else is irresponsible and dangerous. See Glenn show, in the Muslim's own words, that this violent branch of Islam has a deep-seated hatred for the West and it is rooted in their religious text. Preorder your copy HERE.

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