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Monday, August 17, 2015

HotAir Daily Express 08/17/2015

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State Department finds 60 more Hillary e-mails with classified data
8/17/2015 10:01:35 AM  Ed Morrissey
So says the Washington Times, based on sources within the State Department. In a real way, though, we already knew this: While media coverage has focused on a half-dozen of Hillary Rodham Clinton's personal emails containing sensitive intelligence, the

Bernie Sanders apologizes to #BlackLivesMatter group holding his campaign hostage
8/17/2015 9:21:55 AM  Jazz Shaw
You may recall that Bernie Sanders recently allowed his campaign to be essentially hijacked by the Black Lives Matter movement when a couple of agitators were able to seize his microphone from him and chase him from his own stage with his tail between

ABC: "Highly likely" a backup of Hillary's original server files exists
8/17/2015 8:41:54 AM  Ed Morrissey
Hillary Clinton visited the Iowa State Fair this weekend, trying to pass off the FBI and Inspectors General probe into her e-mail system as nothing more than partisan politics. She even joked about having a Snapchat account where messages disappear on

The movement to surrender on amnesty is well underway
8/17/2015 8:01:55 AM  Jazz Shaw
I suppose this is one of those stories which is relevant to the current political debate, but has special emphasis for long time readers. My frequently cited credentials as a card carrying RINO (when Ed isn’t holding the weekly title) are often

Quotes of the day
8/16/2015 8:01:11 PM  Allahpundit
Donald Trump would reverse President Obama’s executive orders on immigration and deport all undocumented immigrants from the U.S. as president, he said in an exclusive interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd… Pressed on what he’d do if

The Last Ship open thread: Another tour of duty for Nathan James crew
8/16/2015 6:31:12 PM  Ed Morrissey
The big news for TNT’s The Last Ship took place between episodes this week. TNT has decided to pick up Season 3 of the series, which means the USS Nathan James will keep sailing for another summer. It also means that we’ll have yet another

AT&T/Verizon-NSA partnership shows why government and businesses shouldn't mix
8/16/2015 5:01:06 PM  Taylor Millard
One of the biggest complaints in the original 2009 tea party protests was the government’s decision to bail out the banks, plus the auto industry. FreedomWorks compared ex-Congressman Barney Frank to Wesley Mouch from Atlas Shrugged, Heritage

Let's ban those e-cigarettes… even though they're no more dangerous than coffee
8/16/2015 3:31:36 PM  Jazz Shaw
As we discussed earlier this summer, New York City has stuck with their habit of making sure they regulate every aspect of your life by pushing through a ban on the indoor use of e-cigarettes. Never ones to be outdone, various Empire State counties

New Fox News poll: Trump support plummets by one point after debate
8/16/2015 2:01:43 PM  Jazz Shaw
As we previously discussed, I wasn’t going to place a lot of stock in the various online polls which have been ringing up since the big debate, preferring to wait until some of the live phone interview surveys from the national brands started

The "age of disruption." Time for a lot more political parties?
8/16/2015 12:31:35 PM  Jazz Shaw
Is our two party political system now more of a hindrance than a help? Sitting and reading the comments right here at Hot Air, it would be hard to argue the fact that there is a growing dissatisfaction with the status quo and a reluctance (to put it

Sunday reflection: John 6:51-58
8/16/2015 12:01:18 PM  Ed Morrissey
"Sunday Reflection" is a regular feature, looking at the specific readings used in today's Mass in Catholic parishes around the world. The reflection represents only my own point of view, intended to help prepare myself for the Lord's day and

The border wall Donald Trump wants (mostly) exists.
8/16/2015 11:01:39 AM  Taylor Millard
Newsflash to both Donald Trump and Ann Coulter: that wall you’re saying the U.S. needs to build along its border with Mexico…it mostly exists. There aren’t any lasers, a shark-filled moat, or auto-turrets, but it’s there.

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