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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Join me in Birmingham

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August 11, 2015
On Today's Program

Glenn mentioned "Birmingham" 32 times on radio today (yes, we counted), so it must be kind of important to him. He revealed Ruth Graham (Billy Graham's daughter) and Alveda King will be marching on each side of him on those historic streets. Will you be there? Get your tickets HERE.

Where do you NOT want to be when things get really bad? Glenn unveiled a list of the top ten cities to avoid in a time of crisis — and some of the entries may surprise you. What do places like Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, and Columbus, OH all have in common? Find out the reason and get the full list HERE!

As tensions flared in Ferguson following the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown's death, a 19-year-old college student decided to join the protest for a very unexpected reason. Glenn interviewed Lexi Kozhevsky on radio today to find out why she did what he called "one of the bravest things I've seen anyone do." WATCH

After a series of devastating Planned Parenthood videos, the abortion provider is doubling down and rallying support. Their strategy? Change the conversation to things like "women's rights" and "selectively edited" videos to distract people away from the truth. Now is the time to fight this evil — remind everyone just what is at stake: #Life. WATCH & SHARE this powerful video.

Theologians, religious leaders, and Bible scholars have debated the meaning of these words for millennia. But shocking new research from Health Sciences Institute points to something no one expected... These three words form a kind of ancient "treasure map"... And the treasure may actually be a remedy for one of our worst diseases. Has the meaning been decoded at last? Full story here.

The Christian Holocaust being carried out by ISIS. The Iran nuclear treaty that jeopardizes the future of Israel. The Planned Parenthood scandal that sees baby parts being sold on a petri dish. God could not be making it any clearer on these three stories — do we choose life or do we choose death? Glenn lays out the decision all Americans will have to make soon — MORE.

Glenn's newest book, It IS About Islam, will be released August 18th
Parts of Islam have been hijacked by radical and violent sects. The West needs to understand that even though not all Islam is bad, and it is only the psychotic Islam that is bad, we are still fighting a holy war. To be politically correct and call the war waging on anything else is irresponsible and dangerous. See Glenn show, in the Muslim's own words, that this violent branch of Islam has a deep-seated hatred for the West and it is rooted in their religious text. Preorder your copy HERE.

The 40 Day, 40 Night Challenge — Day 23
Today, find what gives you courage to fight your fears. Make a list and take count of how much time you waste in a day on worrying and fearing and work with friends and family on finding solutions for tomorrow. MORE

One of the most powerful first lines of any book Glenn has read
As the avid reader he is, Glenn plowed through an untold number of books over the weekend including one written by friend of Glenn and "talk radio legend" Mark Levin. With Levin joining Glenn on radio this morning, Glenn described the first line of Plunder and Deceit as "one of the most powerful first lines of any book I've read." Get the full exchange HERE.

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