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Friday, August 14, 2015

See where we’re expanding your impact

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Washington politicians, bureaucrats, and judges have taken over your healthcare, redefined marriage, signed nuclear deals with dictators, killed jobs, and raised taxes.

You have two options: 

  1. Meekly succumb to the Left's plan to turn America into a socialist nation
  2. Fight back and Reclaim America

As a Heritage supporter, I know you'll fight back. I know because as a conservative, you aren't just concerned about yourself -- you're concerned about the future . . . your children's future . . . our country's future.

There is something you can do. Find out how to join The Heritage Foundation's campaign to Reclaim America.

Reclaim America is our master plan for conservative rebellion and transformation -- unlike anything any organization has ever undertaken. It's a 6-year campaign to win conservative policy battles through research, communication, and advocacy. Now we are on target to launch our next phase of Reclaim America: We are building the Freedom Center.

The Freedom Center will expand Heritage's influence so your conservative principles will have a greater impact. >> Click here to see exactly where we're expanding our footprint in Washington .

The Freedom Center will be your defense against the liberal takeover.  From here, we will fight Washington at close range . . . and use our facility to extend the fight to every state in the Union as we rally grassroots America. 

Cap Hill Map w black labels.jpg

Together, you and I will reclaim our nation. Together, you and I will restore our constitutional freedoms that are being systematically stripped away by President Obama and his leftist allies.

Please give by August 18 to meet the $1 million goal to launch the Freedom Center and secure the future for your principles.

Thank you for believing in our country.


Jim DeMint

P.S. Thanks to a generous supporter, every dollar you donate before August 18 will be worth double to Heritage.

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