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Thursday, August 13, 2015

We need to pray

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August 13, 2015
On Today's Program

"Just follow these few links tonight that I compiled in five minutes and tell me that politics will solve our problems. This is a dire warning. I fear that September may be a very bad month for America and the western world. Something is coming. I hope to God that I am wrong…" Read the rest of Glenn's dire warning HERE.

The Obama administration has been doing a hard push for the Iran nuclear deal, but the latest claim from Secretary of State John Kerry may have crossed the line. Kerry claimed that if the U.S. walks away from the Iran nuclear deal, the dollar will no longer be the reserve currency of the world. Wow. "That's a very big deal," Glenn said. Get the story and reaction HERE.

While it might be easy to act like deer in the headlights when hearing about the atrocities of ISIS in the Middle East and the disregard for unborn life in our own country, history reminds us the power of individuals when they simply stood up for what they knew is right. Discover the astounding detail from a famous story in history Glenn didn't know about until yesterday. WATCH

Last month, we shared a video showing 40 different types of fruit being grafted into a single tree. In an incredibly stunning medical feat, doctors applied a significantly more complex version of the grafting process to an eight-year-old boy named Zion Harvey, making him the youngest recipient of a double hand transplant. WATCH

Next Tuesday evening, skip the line and join Glenn's live book signing from wherever you are! You'll be able to watch Glenn live as he answers questions you've submitted and personally signs the first 1,000 copies of his newest book, IT IS ABOUT ISLAM. Pre-order today for your personalized copy HERE.

Hillary's campaign is in big, big trouble. The FBI has seized servers containing the emails sent during her time as Secretary of State, including a number which have been deemed classified. Meanwhile, a New Hampshire poll shows her trailing behind Bernie Sanders. A few months ago, the primary seemed to just be a formality on her road to 2016. Now? The wheels seem to have come off her campaign. Is it over? Glenn has the story and reaction HERE.

The 40 Day, 40 Night Challenge — Day 25
Have you seen an increase in persecution in your own life? It will come — the world is growing darker. But will we be prepared to be the light the world needs and to stand until the end? MORE

Could Glenn's vocal coach really make him sing like Johnny Cash?
Glenn told his audience on Facebook yesterday how he's working on singing to help strengthen his vocal cords with his award-winning vocal coach — the same one who taught Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon how to sing for Walk the Line among other things. If Glenn learns how to sing like Johnny Cash, which song should he pick? MORE

Tickets for 8/28-8/29 Restoring Unity in Birmingham are still available
Get your tickets for Restoring Unity while they're still available! This two-day event in Birmingham, AL from 8/28-8/29 is an opportunity to be a part of history as we stand as a unified nation for the persecuted. We hope you'll join us in saying "Never Again Is Now!" Get your tickets HERE.

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