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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What If Hillary Banned Your Bible?

A bible by the people and for the people....
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Imagine if Hillary is elected President. What if she banned your version of the Bible because she considered it to be a threat to her rule? Imagine that she authorized a new Government "approved" version for you to read instead. That's exactly what happened in the tumultuous year of 1611. King James despised the revolutionary and "seditious" Geneva Bible. He thought the Geneva Bible's study notes on key political texts threatened his authority, so he outlawed it and ordered a new translation of the Bible - the King James (Authorized Version). While the King James Version is an excellent translation, it was edited and authorized by the Government. The Geneva Bible was not. It was truly a Bible by the people and for the people.

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Based on his New York Times #1 Best Seller, America gives us a sobering look at what the world would look like if America never existed.
"This film should be seen by every patriotic American." — Jon Voight
With the help of Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, along with many others, Dinesh sets straight many of the myths and lies that liberals have propagated about our American history.

The Geneva Bible is unique among all other Bibles. It was the first Bible to use chapters and numbered verses and became the most popular version of its time because of the extensive study notes. These notes were included to explain and interpret the Scriptures for the common people and laid the foundation for a Republican form of government. For nearly half a century these notes helped the people of England, Scotland, and Ireland understand the Bible and true God-ordained liberty.

When the Pilgrims arrived in America in 1620, they brought the 1599 Geneva Bible. You can see why this remarkable version with its profound study notes played a key role in the formation of the American Republic. Today, the 1599 Geneva Bible has been all but forgotten. Thankfully, we've brought it back into print in a beautiful, easy-to-read format with updated English spelling and punctuation. This remarkable Bible is available in leather or hardback binding.

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Liberals and progressives are attacking the Confederate Flag as being a symbol of racism and slavery, and are demanding that it be removed and banned from just about everywhere they find it. At first, it makes me wonder if they even know the true history of the South and the Civil War? But on second thought, I think they do know the true history, and that's why they hate it so much.

The Confederate Flag isn't anymore a symbol of everything evil about America during the 19th Century than the U.S. Flag is. Did evils exist under the banner and protection of both flags? Yes, without a doubt. But I don't see them calling for the removal of the U.S. Flag from anywhere. (Although they don't seem to mind people burning it.)

They hate it so much because it stands for a smaller and more decentralized government, which is in direct opposition to the progressive and liberal plan for our country. This Confederate Flag T-Shirt is the perfect way to make a statement about where you stand on the issue.

If you're a rebel who takes pride in our rich Southern heritage, then please join us in standing together and saying with a loud voice, "These colors don't run. Never have. Never will." Continue Reading...

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Get it now 01/20/17 is the day we've all been waiting for, and it's been a long time coming. Some of us even have a countdown clock to keep track of how many days are left. It's when this horrible nightmare of a presidency finally comes to an end. It's the end of an error.

Now you can remind yourself and others of that wonderful day when Obama leaves office. Brighten everyone's day who sees your shirt. Unless, of course, they're Obama sheeple, but who cares what they think? Continue Reading...
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Before the recent media firestorm over the SC State Capitol building, many of us may not have been Confederate flag flying rebels. But if we weren't before, we sure as heck are now! How dare the politically correct liberals demand that this symbol of Southern heritage and pride be banned from everywhere they find it?

We need to show them that American patriots can't be silenced by threatening them with the R word and making blatantly false claims about our history and what it's symbols stand for. They may have won a few small battles, but they've also awakened a sleeping giant. Conservatives across the country need to rise up and send an all-American message to the history revisionists: "Don't tell us what to do!"

This bumper sticker captures our spirit perfectly: "Cause You Said I Can't." Continue Reading...

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