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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Operation Bot Roast finds over 1 million botnet victims; SSL bug fixed in latest Microsoft security

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Daily News: PM

Network World Daily News: PM, 06/13/07

FBI: Operation Bot Roast finds over 1 million botnet victims
The Department of Justice and FBI today said ongoing investigations have identified over 1 million botnet crime victims.

SSL bug fixed in latest Microsoft security patches
Microsoft has released its monthly set of security patches, fixing problems in Windows, Internet Explorer and in the SSL software used for secure Web browsing.

Charlotte: North Carolina’s next Research Triangle Park?
Charlotte, N.C., thanks in part to a new fiber network ring, is hoping to replicate some of the success Research Triangle Park has had in providing a home to successful IT businesses.

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BT to put grid computing to work for software-as-a-service offering
BT announced on Tuesday that it is deploying 3Tera’s AppLogic grid operating system to support future software-as-a-service and other offerings.

SonicWall buys Aventail for big SSL VPN gear
SonicWall is buying Aventail for $25 million for its high-end SSL VPN gear that will make the company more familiar to larger customers.

Microsoft clarifies virtualization licensing -- for now
Microsoft has released a white paper clarifying how licensing for its current version of Windows Server works when paired with virtualization software.

Microsoft wins patent case with Timeline
Microsoft won a round in its battle with patent licensing company Timeline.

Caymas customers cut loose
The former customers of Caymas Systems will have to figure out for themselves what to do now that the company has pulled the plug on product development and customer support.

Senators seek delay in patent bill
A group of five Republican senators is seeking a delay in legislation, supported by several large tech vendors, that would overhaul the U.S. patent system.

Standards will help users keep their virtual clothes on
As the number of virtual environments increases, standards and vendor collaboration will help make teleporting between different worlds a smooth experience, ensuring, for instance, that your avatar arrives in a new world still wearing the clothes it donned in your home world.

Yahoo stockholders vote against anticensorship proposal
Yahoo shareholders voted down a proposal that would have forced management to adopt stronger policies regarding government attempts to limit Internet access and to curtail freedom of speech in countries where Yahoo operates.


Network World 360
Juniper unveils giant router; Google, Microsoft serious about software, services, litigation; Vista not playing well with IPv6; Cisco's Linksys One brings SMB-focused gear tied to services. (7:54)

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Buzzblog: Microsoft mum about Vista mystery faces
There's a tiny picture of three guys on some Windows Vista DVD covers, sparking bemused speculation as to their identity out there where such bemused speculation lives. Microsoft won't comment on the picture … for reasons that must make sense to someone somewhere.

Today on Layer 8 where our poker face is always on:
It’ll be “all in” next month as a poker-playing computer program takes on two poker champions in a Texas-hold-em shootout for the ages. Well, OK maybe not for the ages, but for $50,000 University of Alberta researchers are betting their Polaris poker program will beat two of the sharpest human professional players in the world in a match slated for July 23 and 24. The game, held in conjunction with the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Conference in Vancouver will feature 2,000 hands of Texas hold ’em between Polaris and Phil (The Unabomber) Laak and Ali Eslami. The $50,000 man-vs.-machine poker match will not only be fun — it will help test advances in artificial intelligence, said Jonathan Schaeffer, leader of the computer science team that created Polaris.

Today at Cisco Subnet
Cisco and Juniper do battle in the core router arena; Arthur Johnson, a CCNA with a top secret SSBI seeks relocation to Iraq; Author Expert Denise Donohue checks for rouge APs and switches; Cisco confirms CTA flaw; and Cisco takes its green initiative far and wide.


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Clear Choice Test: Blades vs. Racks

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