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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ServerWatch Newsletter for June 21, 2005

ServerWatch Newsletter
Tuesday, June 21, 2005

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New on ServerWatch

1. Hardware Today: Bolstering Benefits for Benelogic
June 20, 2005
Benelogic, an ASP that specializes in employee benefits, recently
reorged its infrastructure from Dell PowerEdge servers to a single
Unisys ES7000 600.,1p9v,1,g28a,dc28,co7e,jjlo

2. HP Aims for Faster, Cheaper Linux Clusters
June 21, 2005
The systems vendor has upped the ante with its storage file
system software, boosting bandwidth and performance.,1p9v,1,gy3b,h1by,co7e,jjlo

3. Pramati Server vs. Zope
June 17, 2005
One of these popular app servers is open source; the other is
commercial. Which is right for you?,1p9v,1,lml9,ixxk,co7e,jjlo

4. Enterprise Unix Roundup: Sun's Free Lunch
June 16, 2005
Sun put OpenSolaris on the menu this week, hoping to attract
developers to the table. Rootkit Hunter makes it easy to detect
rootkits on Unix and Linux systems.,1p9v,1,ej6n,7ulw,co7e,jjlo



Deliver Simplified Workgroup Services - blog, stream, host
Deliver robust workgroup & internet services without
straining your budget or stretching your IT staff.
Web hosting, blogging and media streaming out of the box.
Based on open standards, Apple's Xserve G5 running
Mac OS X Server fit into any environment.
Learn more in this seminar with Product Mngr, Doug Brooks.,1p9v,1,fiya,folp,co7e,jjlo


5. IBM, HP to Joust With New Servers
June 16, 2005
IBM began selling an AMD Opteron-based blade server, as HP
plans to celebrate its 10 millionth x86 server sale.,1p9v,1,l1cv,80u,co7e,jjlo

6. Server Infrastructure Tools, Monitoring Software
June 15, 2005
Keeping an eye on your servers requires more than eyeballs.
Server monitoring tools oversee server operation, traffic,
and usage. We look at what organizations are monitoring and
provide a matrix to help determine which products meet your

7. From BitKeeper to Linux Kernel Update
June 15, 2005
Virtualization and security is expected in the upcoming 2.6.12
Linux kernel, following its incremental release.,1p9v,1,idtx,7qhi,co7e,jjlo

8. Opening Day for OpenSolaris Source Code
June 14, 2005
On Tuesday, Sun took the much-anticipated step of releasing
the source code to the Solaris operating system. Now the question
is how it's managed.,1p9v,1,2u7v,efr0,co7e,jjlo


Server Updates

Updated VShell, a 4.5 star Telnet server, to version 2.3.5. - Jun 21, 2005,1p9v,1,1l14,drpy,co7e,jjlo

Updated Sambar Server, a 4 star Web server, to version 6.2.2. - Jun 21, 2005,1p9v,1,ip2k,5eo9,co7e,jjlo

Updated Pramati Server, a 5 star Application server, to version 4.1 SP2. - Jun 17, 2005,1p9v,1,jlvo,5i8u,co7e,jjlo

Updated Secure FTP Server, a 4.5 star FTP server, to version 3.0.4. - Jun 17, 2005,1p9v,1,8ekt,8cab,co7e,jjlo

Related Stories

Server coverage isn't limited to ServerWatch!
Other sites also discuss servers and server-related issues.
In this section of the newsletter, we highlight relevant stories that
have run on sites within the past week.

** Despite Intel Migration, a Mac is Still a Mac
Datamation columnist John Welch says it's important to distinguish
between the emotional impact and the real world impact.,1p9v,1,kcuz,by38,co7e,jjlo


** Why Tape Won't Die
Rumors of tape's demise have been greatly exaggerated.,1p9v,1,ib18,9tuy,co7e,jjlo


** Introduction to NTP
As a Web developer, you might need to synchronize servers.
At first glance, it seems simple, but not when you consider
computer clock times and different time zones. Enter the
Network Time Protocol, or NTP.,1p9v,1,hifl,aq2j,co7e,jjlo


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