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Monday, January 31, 2011

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CNSA 2011, Necom 2011-Chennai, India, Springer

***********Call for paper***********

Conferences in Chennai, India @ July 15 ~ 17, 2011

The Fourth International Conference on Network Security & Applications (CNSA-2011)


The Third International conference on Networks & Communications (NeCoM-2011)


The Third International Conference on Web & Semantic Technology (WeST-2011)


The Third International Conference on Wireless & Mobile Networks (WiMoN-2011)


The First International Conference on Advances in Computing and Information Technology
(ACIT 2011)


The Second International workshop on Ad hoc, Sensor & Ubiquitous Computing
In conjunction with (


The Second International workshop on Database Management Systems (DMS-2011)

In conjunction with (WesT -2011)


The Second International workshop on VLSI (VLSI 2011)

In conjunction with (NeCoM-2011)


The First International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Networks and Trust Management 






Important Dates



           Submission Deadline                 :           February 06, 2011
Acceptance Notification            :           April 20, 2011

        Camera Ready                          :           May 01, 2011



Calling All Senior Level IT Decision Makers

Complimentary invitation for 2011's Must-Attend Event for Senior IT Leaders

Join Senior IT Leaders from some of the world's leading organizations, March 6-8, in Palm Desert, California.

Over 400 IT Executives have already registered from organizations such as American Express, AstraZeneca, Citigroup, Freescale Semiconductor, General Motors, Harrah's Entertainment, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, Kodak, Marriott International, Motorola, NBC Universal, PerkinElmer Inc., Revlon, Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Walt Disney Studios, Ticketmaster and many more!

Forget about the alignment of IT and your business. Today, IT and business are becoming virtually indistinguishable. Every IT-related decision you make in 2011 must help cut costs, attract and delight customers, enable new products or services, open new sales channels or even new markets. If you're not laser-focused on the business, you're not delivering value or building your career.

Register today for three days of hands-on learning and networking. Reference promo code: VIP9

Featured Speakers:

  • CARFAX, Inc. CTO, Gary Lee
  • Whirlpool Corp. CIO, Kevin Summers
  • The Boeing Co. CIO, Federico Genoese-Zerbi
  • Cummins Inc. CIO, Bruce Carver
  • Valspar CIO, Kate Bass
  • FedEx Services SVP of IT, Eric L. Keane
  • Fannie Mae SVP & Head of Mortgage Operations, Brian Cobb
  • Medtronic, Inc. SVP of Quality and Operations, James Dallas
  • The Schumacher Group CIO, Douglas Menefee
  • Avnet, Inc. SVP & CIO, Steve Phillips
  • BREG CIO, Steve Romeo
  • ProSearch President, Suzanne Fairlie

Plus in-depth sessions on everything from mobility and social media to private clouds, business analytics and managing acquisitions.

You will also have the opportunity to meet with leading technology providers, such as Microsoft, Information Builders and Teradata to discuss your most pressing IT challenges as they offer solutions to help efficiency and profitability in your business.

You can view the full agenda at , but to accept your complimentary invitation, you must register at

Join the discussion on Linkedin at

* The Premier 100 IT Leaders Conference is intended to be a learning opportunity for IT executives and managers in IT end-user organizations.  With that in mind, attendance is restricted to individuals who have influence to buy or lease computer hardware, software or services for their organization. As a result, registration applications submitted by those who do not have IT responsibilities, or by representatives of vendor organizations, integrators, VARs, consultants, and the like, may be subject to further review, with approval at the discretion of Computerworld.

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Data Center, Virtual Environments, and the Cloud

Survive the Hybrid Age. Read this and learn how. 


Monitoring the Data Center, Virtual Environments, and the Cloud

Download this Definitive Guide and learn how application performance management techniques are evolving to accommodate hybrid IT.

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Cloud Computing - Latest Buzzword or a Glimpse of the Future?
Cloud computing frees up budgets hand-cuffed by IT expenses. Instead of purchasing software licenses and hardware for new employees and locations, businesses simply add accounts to expand computing capacity. This paper surveys cloud computing today: What are the benefits? Why are businesses embracing it? What are its payoffs and pitfalls?
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About Internet / Network Security: Facebook Goes Crypto (https), Hackers Make Frowny Faces

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Facebook Goes Crypto (https), Hackers Make Frowny Faces
It looks like Facebook is getting a little more serious about security in light of recent events involving the reported hacking of the CEO's fan page. Today the Facebook Blog... Read more

OMG Shocking Video, the Dislike Button, and Other Facebook Scams
We've begged for it, but there is still no "dislike" button. Maybe Facebook is just trying to keep things positive as they do when someone "unfriends". You get notified when... Read more

Facebook Privacy - Never Assume Anything is Private on Facebook
Facebook and privacy can be like oil and water, they don't mix well. Facebook has made some strides in attempting to address privacy concerns, but no matter how tight you... Read more

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Android topples Symbian as world's No. 1 mobile OS

Network World's Products of the Week | Old-school tech steps to the forefront in Egypt

Network World Daily News PM

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Android topples Symbian as world's No. 1 mobile OS
For the first time in its short history, Android is now the number-one mobile operating system in the world. Read More


Keep Mobile Employees Secure and Well Supported
At best, deskside technical support is an inefficient use of IT's time and virtually impossible when workers are widely distributed. Learn how one midsize business, whose employees are on the road nearly 100% of the time, was able to improve remote troubleshooting and problem resolution. Read now

RESOURCE COMPLIMENTS OF: St. Bernard, now doing business as EdgeWave

Spend Less on Web Security, Earn $15 GC
Get Email and Web security solutions with robust features and the lowest TCO on the market. Delivery options include hosted, on-prem appliances and hybrid. For a limited time, we'll try to match the cost of your current solution, or any competitive offer you have. And you'll earn cash just for checking us out. Click here for the EdgeWave Bid Desk.

Network World's Products of the Week
Our round-up of intriguing new products from NEC, TopLayer, LogLogic, among others. Read More

Old-school tech steps to the forefront in Egypt
Necessity proves the mettle of yesteryear's inventionsAs both political unrest and government attempts to block Internet access continue vigorously today in Egypt, protesters are turning to old-school technologies - fax machines, ham radios and dialup modems - in their attempts to circumvent the censorship. From a BBC report: Read More

Tech M&A deals of 2011
Our running list of buyouts and mergers in IT for the year Read More


Scrambling at Audit Time?
Does your organization treat compliance as a set of check boxes designed to meet the auditors' requirements? If so, you are wasting a lot of time, money and precious IT resources. This white paper is a roadmap for making compliance a painless, efficient, and routine part of your IT processes. Read now!

Cloud consulting firm hopes lightning can strike twice
Cloud consulting start-up CloudTP reunites colleagues from Cambridge Technology Partners, including co-founder Chris Greendale. Read More

Kaspersky vows anti-virus products are safe despite source-code theft
Kasperesky Lab says the anti-virus source code that one of its employees stole three years ago and distributed online cannot harm customers of the company's current products. Read More

Windows Phone 7 market share creeps up 2% in 2 months
Windows Phone 7 gains in smartphone marketshare, but has a long way to go against now-dominant Android and iOS. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Diskeeper

Defragmentation in Virtualized Environments
Performance corrupting file fragmentation is severely compounded on virtual platforms and threatens to undo most of its efficiency benefits. Coordinating defrag resources between VMs was an insurmountable barrier until recent innovations eliminated conflicts. Learn More

Intel, HP, IBM invest in effort to create jobs in US
IBM, Intel and Hewlett-Packard on Monday said they would invest in an effort led by the White House to create jobs and promote growth in emerging technology areas such as cloud computing, health care and mobile applications. Read More

How to manage consumer devices on your network
Your user community is connecting to your corporate email system using all kinds of consumer devices, from iPhones to iPads and Android-based smart phones. Do you know what devices are coming into the network? Do you know what applications are on these devices? Do you have any means to control them, preferably based on your standard policies? Fiberlink Communications has new Mobile Device Management services that can help. Read More

All hail the Zuck: Facebook CEO Zuckerberg appears on SNL
Mark Zuckerberg, the ubiquitous CEO of Facebook, made a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend alongside two actors who portray him. Read More

IBM unveils social networking connector
The IBM Social Business Toolkit can be used to link social network feeds into enterprise applications Read More

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Panic time quiz: How prepared are you for IPv6?
With IPv4 addresses projected to dry up this year, it's inevitable that IPv6 adoption will accelerate. Here are a few questions that can help determine how much or how little you know about IPv6 and whether you ought to spend more time studying it.

The Mac App Store's hottest productivity apps
The Mac App Store debuted this month and hit 1 million downloads in the first 24 hours. The App Store launched with 1,000 or so apps, many of which were already available on the pre-existing Mac downloads Web site. The store is filled with stuff that's fun but also has plenty of apps that make you more productive. Let's take a look at the 10 most downloaded free productivity apps on the Mac App Store, and then we'll look at the 10 most popular paid productivity apps.


  1. Microsoft warns of new Windows zero-day bug
  2. Open-source challenge to Microsoft Exchange gains steam
  3. Old-school tech steps to the forefront in Egypt
  4. Anatomy of an Internet blackout
  5. IPv4 addresses: Going, going, g...
  6. When the CEO gives iPads to all: One CIO's story
  7. Hackers turn back the clock with Telnet attacks
  8. 20 weird and wacky products for Android fans
  9. Egypt: Cisco and Juniper won't go there
  10. Gartner slams Cisco's single-vendor network vision

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