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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ferguson Thugs Are Spreading This Horrifying Picture on Social Media… They've Declared War and more...

Ferguson Thugs Are Spreading This Horrifying Picture on Social Media… They’ve Declared War

The violent agitators behind the Ferguson protests and riots are trying to start a race war. The thugs in Ferguson have stockpiled weapons and ammunition. Numerous “shots fired” incidents have law enforcement on edge, due to numerous threats against the police and their families. The race baiting and agitating groups behind the Ferguson protests, like


Man Tries to Lie About Being a Vet… Gets Destroyed by a REAL Vet on Camera [VIDEO]

A veteran infantryman of the 2/506 recently ran into a “Ranger” at a local shopping mall. He recorded an interview with the large-framed fake Ranger in an embarrassing display of stolen valor. And the worst part? This fake veteran did it for the special veteran’s discounts on Black Friday at the Oxford Valley, Penn. shopping


Enraged Mother Delivers Epic Justice to 25 Radical Muslims Who Killed Her Son

An Afghan woman just took matters into her own hands. She delivered harsh justice to a group of radical Muslims who murdered her son. Her name is Reza Gul, and her son was a policeman in charge of a post in Afghanistan. Tragically, a group of Taliban overran the station where he was on guard and


VIDEO: White Cop Accused of Targeting Black Man… Body Cam Tells the Real Story

Cops are horrible, racist people who target anyone with a different skin color. At least, that’s the narrative pushed by the mainstream media and many angry protesters… but a recent incident tells a different story. That incident happened in Oakland, Calif., where black residents outnumber whites. One of those black residents named Keith Jones claimed that


Trey Gowdy Unleashes HELL on This Liberal Professor; And I Love It

You would think liberals would have learned by now. Don’t mess with Trey Gowdy. Rep. Gowdy, R-S.C.,  who has become famous for his verbal takedowns of adversarial witnesses in House committee proceedings, racked up another victory over University of Baltimore School of Law professor Charles Tiefer in a hearing on the IRS scandal. [H/T Conservative Post.]


VIDEO: Man Told to Take Down American Flag Because It’s a “Threat to Muslims”

Texans, it’s time to take action. According to the manager of an apartment complex in Webster, hanging Old Glory from your balcony is not allowed. The reason cited is insane: because it’s a “threat to the Muslim community.” That’s exactly what Duy Tran, resident of the Lodge on El Dorado apartment complex, was told by


What Ferguson Rioters Did to a Fallen Cop Will Make You Sick

Demonstrating just how classless they truly are, Michael Brown protesters in California defaced a monument. The monument honored a fallen police hero. But the rioters defaced it in honor of an aggressive criminal thug. Before becoming a cop, Jeremy Henwood served several tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan as a U.S. Marine. He returned to


Epic: It Took Just 3 Minutes for Trey Gowdy to Shame an Entire Room of Journalists Into Silence

This is why we love Trey Gowdy. In spite of the media’s silence over the Benghazi issue, he’s willing to pursue the issue as doggedly as possible. In a recent press conference, Rep. Gowdy, R-S.C., turned the tables and asked the assembled press corps some devastating questions. [H/T Western Journalism.] “‘We will not waver in our


Document Found Written by Michelle Obama… Guess What She Wrote?

The First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama is an out-of-touch elitist and hypocritical race baiter. She is a hypocrite because she has imposed strict nutritional standards on school lunch programs nationwide, to the detriment of the students eating said lunches, while she still allows and serves junk food in the White House. She


Epic Rant: It Took Just 82 Seconds for Megyn Kelly to Utterly Destroy Obama

It took only 82 seconds for Megyn Kelly to destroy almost six years of Barack Obama’s presidency. Imagine what she could do during an entire hour of Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File.” "Is Barack Obama's presidency imploding?” she asked her viewers rhetorically before launching into a list of many of the problems that had


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