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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Carjacker Targets Woman and Kids, Gets Instant Dose of Karma and more...

Carjacker Targets Woman and Kids, Gets Instant Dose of Karma

Thugs will always be thugs, but it seems as of late, Karma is paying them back in a big way and in rapid fashion. Denzel Brown, a 21-year-old black man who had just stolen a couple of pairs of expensive headphones from a Best Buy in the Bay Shore area of Long Island learned the hard way


VIDEO: Liberals Try to Trap Ted Cruz With This Question, But He Turned the Tables on Them

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz did not go to Washington, D.C., to make friends, and he has been quite outspoken in his criticism of both President Barack Obama and the establishment Republicans of his own party. As such, Cruz has been at the top of the target list for the liberal media, which are always looking for


BREAKING: Netanyahu Drops Bombshell About Obama… Spread This Like Wildfire

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke Sunday about the dangers of a fast deal brokered between six countries and Iran concerning their nuclear program, saying the deal is even more dangerous than he originally thought. Though Tehran claims its nuclear program is purely peaceful, Netanyahu disagreed. He claimed Iran is on a tear, attempting to


Wow. John Kerry Just Said That a Nuke Deal With Iran Is Possible “If Allah…”

With the arbitrary deadline fast approaching for a nuclear deal with Iran, it appears that the Obama administration is willing to give in to virtually every demand by the Iranians, resulting in a very bad deal for America and its allies. At the head of the American side of the negotiations is Secretary of State


Obama Just Insulted Millions of Americans by Comparing Them to Something Unthinkable

It was odd enough that President Barack Obama released a YouTube video of his celebratory message concerning the Iranian holiday Nowruz, the celebration of the New Year. But during his video message, he took the time to insult millions of American citizens when he promoted his progress on the nuclear talks with Iran by comparing


VIDEO: The Liberal Media Is Deathly Afraid of THIS “Growing Firestorm” Against Hillary

The developing scandal surrounding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account on a private server to conduct official public business just will not go away, despite Hillary’s pathetic excuses and lame jokes. Instead, the scandal just keeps getting worse, as new information and allegations continue to emerge, particularly surrounding questionable


BOOM: White House Attacks Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law… But There’s a MASSIVE Problem

Ever since Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law last week, liberals from across the country have been crying foul like spoiled children. Even White House spokesman Josh Earnest jumped into the fray by falsely asserting that the law appears to “legitimize discrimination” and by urging “everybody stand up and speak out”


BREAKING: 7 Blacks Were Just Shot in Cold Blood… But Here’s Why Al Sharpton Doesn’t Care

Seven black young men were celebrating at a Florida spring break party when a gunman opened fire and three of them were critically wounded. So where are the riots? Where is the angry rhetoric? Where is Al Sharpton? Where is the Rev. Jesse Jackson? News Flash — the victims were all black, but so was the gunman. If you


SICK: Obama Employee Openly Calls Christians “Nazis” on Twitter [TWEET]

Team Obama employee Elizabeth Ashack, an economist with the U.S. Department of Labor, recently used her Twitter account to voice her dissatisfaction with Republicans, specifically the Indiana lawmakers who just passed the Religious Freedom Act that has liberals in a tizzy. It’s amazing how tough people will act behind their social media accounts, only to wipe the


BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Just Did It… He Sent THIS Message to Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton better be afraid — very afraid — because Rep. Trey Gowdy just subpoenaed her to appear in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi for a “transcribed interview regarding her use of private email and a personal server for official State Department business.” The South Carolina representative and committee


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