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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TL

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Gunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TLGunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TLGunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TL
Gunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TLGunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TLGunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TLGunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TLGunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TL
Gunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TL
Gunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TLGunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TLGunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TL
Gunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TL
Gunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TLGunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TLGunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TLGunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TLGunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TL
Gunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TL
1873 yılında Fransa'nın Roubaix kasabasında temelleri atılan La Redoute bugün 23 ülkede faaliyet gösteren Avrupa'nın en büyük uzaktan satış şirketlerinden biridir. La Redoute, Dünya'nın tekstil ve ev tekstili konusunda lider şirketlerinden olan ve bünyesindeki 20.000 çalışanı ile 30 ülkede faaliyet gösteren Redcats Group'a bağlıdır.
Redcats, Puma, Fnac ve Conforma gibi kendi alanında lider markaların yanı sıra Gucci, Bottega Veneta, YSL, Sergio Rossi, Stelle McCartney, Alexander McQueen ve Balenciaga gibi prestijli markaları bünyesinde bulunduran Pinault Printemps Redoute (PPR) Group şirketidir.
Gunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TL
Gunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TL
Hakkımızda Gizlilik İlkeleri Hizmet ve Satış Koşulları Teslimat Süreleri İletişim
Gunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TL
Gunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TL
© 2010 La Redoute Türkiye Gunun Firsati: Bluz 39,90TL yerine 29,90TL
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With IE judgment expiring, Microsoft files antitrust complaint against Google

Man-in-the-Browser attacks target the enterprise | Make Your Own Tech Accessories

Network World Daily News PM

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With IE judgment expiring, Microsoft files antitrust complaint against Google
Nearly a decade after settling an antitrust case regarding the bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows, Microsoft is on the verge of putting the case behind it for good and is pursuing antitrust claims of its own against Google's dominant search engine. Read More


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Take Control of Your Network Once and for All
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Man-in-the-Browser attacks target the enterprise
With firewalls, antivirus and other security mechanisms protecting corporate networks, how do attackers manage to penetrate enterprise computer systems? Simply by exploiting the weakest link in the security chain. One of the newest methods is tunnelling in via employees' browsers using an attack known as "Man-in-the-Browser" (MitB). Read More

Make Your Own Tech Accessories
Dashboard mounts, tablet stands, mouse pads--why buy them when you can build your own? Here's how to save money by creating your own tech accessories out of common home or office materials. Read More

How to Move E-mail to the Cloud: 7 Planning Tips
Cloud computing providers can take enterprise e-mail off your to-do list, but how can you ensure a smooth transition? Forrester Research shares seven best practices. Read More

WEBCAST: Iron Mountain

Success in the cloud: strategies revealed
View this webcast with IDG senior editor Jim Malone and Martin Tuip of Iron Mountain to learn the primary considerations and best practices for storing, archiving, protecting and managing your most important information in the cloud. View now

VIPRE maker explains false positive on Samsung laptops, apologizes
The maker of the VIPRE anti-spyware tool is taking responsibility for a false positive that misidentified a legitimate Windows folder on Samsung laptops as a program that secretly logs keystrokes. Read More

Tablet sales to soar as prices drop through 2015, says Gartner
Gartner has revised upward its forcast for global IT spending through 2015; cites soaring tablet computer sales Read More

Google Doodle honors Bunsen, chemistry class
Today's Google Doodle honors the 200th birthday of Robert Bunsen, he of Bunsen burner fame. Not being familiar with the whole of the man's work, I went to Wikipedia to read up on him (such inspiration being the singular most valuable feature of the Doodle) and learned that the burner he co-invented with a laboratory assistant, Peter Desaga, was actually a mere footnote in his distinguished career as... Read More


Top 3 Ways to Become Cloud-Ready
Discover how to bring cloud computing in-house successfully. Learn how to tackle standardization, automation and virtualization challenges, and fast-track your cloud education. Also, examine the Top 3 keys to making your organization cloud-ready. Read More!

Cisco Announces ASA Service Module for the Cat6K
Today Cisco announced the ASA Services module for its Catalyst 6500 switching line. This module runs the same code as the other Cisco ASA form factors so going forward you'll have the same code base across all of your ASA platforms. Here are the specs for the ASA-SM firewall as taken from their datasheet: With twice the performance and four times the session count of competitive network security... Read More

To Whom Should The CISO Report?
I met with some security professional friends last night for ribs, beers, and lively security chatter. One of our discussion points was about the organizational position and role of the CISO. Read More

Amazon Cloud Player & Cloud Drive stores movies, files, photos and streams music
Amazon introduced the cloud based services on Tuesday, offering 5 GB of free storage to users. Read More

What a cyberwar with China might look like
If there is a cyberwar with China, as described in a new hypothetical scenario, it will not necessarily involve power grids being knocked offline and planes falling from the sky. Read More

Up for grabs from Microsoft Subnet: a Windows 7 Enterprise Technician class for three people. From Cisco Subnet: 15 copies of VMware ESXi books. Enter here.


Tech's youngest billionaires
The nine youngest billionaires in technology run the gamut from a social networking entrepreneur to the creator of the online coupon company, Think you know them all? Let's find out.

No joy for would-be baby shakers and drunk drivers
In this slideshow we'll take a look at some of the most notorious applications that were banned or removed from the big-name app stores.


  1. Samsung installs keylogger on its laptop computers
  2. Samsung responds to installation of keylogger on its laptops
  3. FBI wants public help solving encrypted notes
  4. Google building fiber network in Sprint's backyard
  5. Microsoft to raise license price, add software rights
  6. FTC puts Google on 20 years of 'privacy probation'
  7. Cisco data center revamp cuts across switches, servers, storage
  8. Hacker group defends exposing McAfee website vulnerabilities
  9. Dell draws derision for dissing iPad
  10. Microsoft researchers tout programmable prototype switch

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Broadband-based VoIP offering from Hughes Network Systems.

March 31, 2011 Create or Manage Your Profile
Communications Daily

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Broadband-based VoIP offering from Hughes Network Systems.

Service uses ActiveQoS to ensure proper treatment of real-time traffic across public Internet.Read more >>

UNIX vs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Which Database Platform is Right for You?

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   Vidyo plugin integrates telepresence with Microsoft Lync.
   New VoIP appliances from Cisco target small, mid-size businesses
   Cisco announces cross-platform UC.
   Verizon to offer UC service in the cloud.
   RHUB v. 4.3 now has HD VoIP capability.

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   Report: Gartner Positions CommVault in Leaders Quadrant

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   Making the Most of SharePoint - by Microsoft
   Get Your Microsoft TechNet Subscription Professional! Promo Code TN3MNA13
   Oracle Whitepaper: Tape Technology Leaps Forward

The road to communications nirvana (aka mobile UC).

Smartphones and unified communications technology have been moving along separate tracks, and they'll stay that way until CIOs make integration a priority. Read more >>

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Netstat -vat by Sean Michael Kerner
Linux 2.6.39 RC1 debuts new block device plugging model
From the 'Merge Window Closed' files:The first release candidate for the Linux 2.6.39 kernel is now available. As always, it's full of driver and filesystem updates.From a performance perspective there is a new block device plugging model."It makes plugging... Read more >>


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