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Saturday, October 25, 2014

This Week on Dreamland: The Coronado Incident: the President, the Secret Service and Alien Abductions

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On Unknowncountry This Week
New on Dreamland: The Coronado Incident - the President, the Secret Service and Alien Abductions
One of the very rare instances of mass abduction known took place at a UFO conference at the Coronado Hotel. Researcher Yvonne Smith has spent 19 years putting together the details of this amazing story. The corresponding details of multiple-witness memories are startling. As startling--at least--is the fact that the President of the United States was present on Coronado Island while the abductions were taking place.

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Sun Unleashes X-Class Flare, And More Could Be On the Way
The sun's solar flare activity appears to be hotting up: a massive X-Class solar flare erupted early on Sunday (Oct. 19) from a huge sunspot, and astronomers fear that this could just be the beginning of a spate of sizeable flares.

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New for Subscribers: Close Encounters of the Intimate Kind
Whitley Strieber and Yvonne Smith are two of the world's best informed people when it comes to close encounters and alien abductions, and Yvonne, with her many years of therapeutic experience, understands its strangeness, ambiguity and threatening nature deeply. Here they discuss the intimate reality of the experience as you have never heard it discussed before. Then they go on to explore some of the bizarre and provocative reasons that the Coronado abductions took place while President Bill Clinton--who was highly interested, behind the scenes, in the UFO phenomenon--was on Coronado Island.

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Out There: Mysterious Fires Return to Italian Town
Mysterious electrical fires have returned to Canneto di Caronia in Sicily according to a report in a British Newspaper. This report was picked up by Open Minds, which confirmed it with Italian UFO investigator Paola Harris. The fires and associated phenomena were first reported in the community in 2004, and were extensively investigated by officials. In 2007, the Italian government issued a report stating that the fires were caused by a powerful electromagnetic field of unknown origin, and specifically stated that 'aliens' might be involved. reported on this phenomenon extensively beginning in 2004.

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The Laughing Conservative

The Laughing Conservative

Barack Obama's Diary: Barack the Brave

Posted: 24 Oct 2014 07:32 PM PDT

Dear Diary: I hugged an Ebola patient today -- I was assured  by my Ebola czar that the patient had fully recovered and was of no danger to anyone any more.  But it took some nerve,  on my part, I can tell you. I have since been on constant  alert for the slightest suggestion of nausea, fever or diarrhea. Thank goodness I do not have to take the subway, like the common folk. Barack the Brave...I

Cartoon: Stilton Jarlsberg

Posted: 24 Oct 2014 06:46 PM PDT

CoastZone - Robert the Haunted Doll & Open Lines

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October 25, 2014   Coast Insider Audio
Robert the Haunted Doll:

In the first half of the show, George Noory was joined by paranormal expert Joshua P. Warren, who discussed his latest research into Robert the Doll (Book Link ). Warren travelled to Key West, Florida, to the Fort East Martello Museum to conduct a case study on the supposedly haunted doll and encountered resistance to his project there. Anyone who gets close to Robert becomes mesmerized by it and seeks to protect him, he suggested. Warren traced Robert's origin to the beginning of the 20th century when a disgruntled servant of the Otto Family made the doll and gave it to their son, Eugene. She crafted Robert to look like him and may have stitched some of the boy's own hair into it, he revealed. Eugene became instantly obsessed with the doll and devoted an entire room of his house to it, Warren added.  

"I really honestly believe that Robert is the most fascinating example of a haunted doll in the world," he said, noting a few bizarre stories about the doll. According to Warren, Eugene's parents would be awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of their son's screams and find him visibly upset claiming Robert was trying to kill him. After Eugene's death, two caretakers of the property described seeing Robert rocking back and forth on his own. One of them slept with weapons to protect against the doll, Warren disclosed. The daughter of the next family to reside in the house with Robert maintained the doll was trying to kill her as well, he reported. Warren also said neighbors in the community claimed to have witnessed the doll running from window to window in the house.

Open Lines:

During Open Lines, Brad in Texas recounted a story about his uncle, who passed away earlier than expected and never got the chance to visit Brad's family's new house. According to Brad, his mother was in the downstairs living room one day when the spirit of her deceased brother appeared in the kitchen. "He said 'you have a very nice house, Kim. Take care of the boys,'" Brad recalled, adding that he disappeared after the brief exchange. John from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, told George about his plans to construct a time travel machine based on technology developed by Nikola Tesla. John explained his time travel theory and noted how Tesla invented a radio capable of picking up broadcasts from the past and future. Terry, a certified clinical hypnotherapist in Seattle, talked about his work hypnotizing ambulance patients to alleviate their pain, as well as interest in time travel.

Today in Strangeness:

On this date in 1944, the Japanese began using kamikaze attacks against Allied Forces during World War II. The strategy was seen as a last resort by both sides of the war, as Japan had as-yet failed to gain an upper hand in the naval battle against the Allies. Ultimately, the kamikaze attacks resulted in nearly 1,500 Japanese craft being intentionally downed and the deaths of approximately 3,000 British and American troops, but did little to thwart the advances of the Allied Forces.

Tonight's Show, Saturday, October 25th:

Joining Dave Schrader ( email) in the first half, paranormal researcher William J. Hall will discuss the 1974 Bridgeport, Connecticut poltergeist case in which a crowd of more than 2,000 onlookers and national media reported jumping furniture, floating refrigerators, and attacking entities. Followed by paranormal researcher and writer for the Independent in the U.K., Roger Clarke , who'll detail some of the most haunted places of the last five hundred years.

From 6-10 pm (PT) on Saturday night, Coast Insiders can hear an Art Bell: Somewhere in Time program from 6/10/22 when psychic and intuitive Gordon-Michael Scallion talked about a massive change in consciousness that will take us into a higher realm of self and spirit.

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