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Tuesday, September 23, 2014





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Down and dirty? 'Duck Dynasty' star stuns again

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September 23, 2014
On Today's Program

Is there anything that would make you stop believing in America?
A person's true character emerges when they are tested. Ask yourself, is there anything that the country could do to you to make you turn your back on the things you believe in? Could you be persecuted, imprisoned, and cast out of America's borders, yet still stand up when called upon to do your duty? On radio Tuesday morning, Glenn shared the story of a relatively unknown American hero who was asked to do just that. MORE

Down and dirty? Duck Dynasty star stuns crowd on Dancing With the Stars - but did the judges go too far?
Controversy alert! Sadie Robertson, daughter of Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson, brought the house down with her stunning performance on Dancing With the Stars, but now the judges are wondering if her religious father would approve. Is she "getting down and dirty" in scantily clad outfits, or is this just a classic case of the media overreacting? Get Glenn's reaction HERE.

It's the first day of Fall and everyone needs socks! Stock up on American-made Wick-Dry Crew Socks from The Marketplace by TheBlaze.

This is the conversation every parent needs to have with their kids
Everyone knows that Glenn isn't always the most fun person to be around. After all, this is a guy who spends his free time studying World War II and the rise of a caliphate in the Middle East. Who doesn't want to be around that all the time? (Please, note the sarcasm.) Anyway, what was a recent dinner like between Glenn and his daughter Hannah? And why is this the conversation you need to be having with your own kids? READ

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Americans who fought alongside ISIL are back, what now?
Obama administration officials have confirmed that some Americans who left to fight for the Islamic State (aka ISIS aka ISIL) have returned to the United States. What is America going to do? Well, look at them, of course. Glenn reacts to the latest news and the White House's response HERE.

You won't believe the cool stuff Glenn plans to show off at this special event in Dallas, TX – find out how you can get involved!
One of the biggest hits at the Man in the Moon event last year was the Mercury One Museum. This year, Glenn is planning to go even bigger as the Miracles and Massacres Museum comes to Mercury One's Gods, Guns, and Giving 2014 event on October 10th and 11th. Glenn plans to debut the Normandy flag he purchased at auction earlier this year as part of the museum. On his TV show Monday night, Glenn spoke to historians and curators helping with the museum, and gave a preview of what attendees could expect. MORE

Tomorrow, For the Record reports the truth about ISIS
National Security officials tell For the Record that ISIS fighters are already here in America and have western passports that allow them to travel freely across our borders. Don't miss the full episode TOMORROW night at 8PM ET. Watch a special sneak peek of the episode HERE.

PHOTOS: 3D printing changed this dog's life, and the results are just adorable
It wasn't that long ago that Glenn was espousing the benefits of 3D printers. In fact, he was so excited about it that he bought one for the office in Dallas. And while much of the conversation at the time centered around the 3D printing of guns, there are some much more benign (and yes, much cuter) ways the technology is being applied. READ

Former CIA analyst calls this the 'most deadly threat to Europe and America today' — but it's not the Islamic State
U.S. intelligence officials believe the chances of an attack on the U.S. homeland, or on American assets overseas, are growing exponentially with a Syria-based group, comprised of veteran Al Qaeda members, intent on developing the capability and resources to plan a successful terrorist attack against America. MORE from TheBlaze

Join our in-studio audience
This Thursday, September 25th, Mike Rowe will join Glenn and a live studio audience, of high school students (minimum age of 16 years old), college students and recent graduates for a special show. If you want to be a part of this live studio audience please email us at for more details.

What has happened to our Secret Service?
A 40-year-old man jumps the fence outside the White House, rushes the front door and makes it way too close for comfort. A reality TV star crashes a state dinner. Strippers were brought back to hotel rooms in Colombia before a Presidential visit. What is going on with our Secret Service agents!? Ronald Kessler, author of The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents, joined Glenn to discuss the issue on radio this morning. WATCH

This series is so good, Glenn decided to publish it himself
The electrifying fourth installment of Richard Paul Evan's bestselling Michael Vey series, Michael Vey 4: Hunt for Jade Dragon, is now available! This time around, Michael and his friends must rescue a child prodigy, Jade Dragon, who is being held captive by the Elgen in their Taiwan Starxource plant. A special edition of the book - with exclusive content - is now available at Walmart. Learn more HERE.

Tonight's primetime lineup on TheBlaze TV:
  • 5pm ET - The Glenn Beck Program: Glenn takes a look at the book In The Dust of This Planet, by Eugene Thacker, and discusses how nihilism is beginning to gain popularity throughout pop culture.
  • 6pm ET - Dana: Dana sits down with Ari Rabin-Havt, former senior air to Harry Reid and Melik Kaylan, co-author of The Russia-China Axis.
  • 7pm ET - Real News: The panel discusses last night's airstrikes in Raqqa – the targets, whether objectives were met, our much publicized "Arab partners" and how things are going in Iraq.
  • Watch live or on demand: Get complete access to all TheBlaze TV programming for just $1.
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What President Obama just told the world about climate change

Organizing for Action
Joe --

President Obama just took the stage at the U.N. Climate Summit to show the world how the United States is leading in the fight against climate change -- and to continue to build momentum for global action.

The New York Times called the President's signature action for cutting carbon pollution "the strongest action taken by an American president to tackle climate change."

It should come as no surprise that it's facing steep opposition right here at home from polluters, dirty special interests, and climate change deniers in Congress. They think they can derail this plan before it even gets started.

Joe, as President Obama speaks on the world stage, OFA supporters are stepping up to the plate.

You've already stood up to support the President's plan. Before the EPA closes its window for public comments, we want to see hundreds of thousands more people speak out for action on climate. Will you chip in $5 or more to support these grassroots efforts?

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in New York City and across the world to send a clear message to the world. It was inspiring -- and a reminder that change fueled by organizing is as undeniable as the science of the climate crisis.

We can't punt on this.

Between droughts, wildfires, and increasingly dangerous storms, climate change is already threatening people's lives and livelihoods all across the country.

The President's Clean Power Plan -- which would reduce carbon emissions from power plants 30 percent by the end of the next decade -- puts the United States in a position to lead the world in the fight against climate change. But this Clean Power Plan has been just one of many steps the administration is taking -- all across government and with the private sector -- to take on this crisis. Along with dramatically cutting climate pollution from cars, historic investments in clean energy, and making strides in international climate cooperation, we are making progress.

Now the question is whether the President's plan can beat back a powerful, well-funded opposition.

It's going to come down to who steps up to fight for it.

Chip in $5 or more today to support the grassroots organizing that makes change like this possible:



Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

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September 23,2014

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By 2030, the amount of data is forecast to be 1 Yottabite.

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By 2030, the amount of data is forecast to have grown to 1 Yottabite.
Think 1 followed by 24 zeros, yes, 24. If we were to try and store this data, it would take a data center 609 square miles, times six, says HP Blogger Christian Verstraete. 

How do you deal with all that data?

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