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Monday, October 20, 2014

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Dick Morris: Texas Photo ID Ruling Slows Obama's 'Power Grab'

Dick Morris: Texas Photo ID Ruling Slows Obama's 'Power Grab'

By Dick Morris

Those trying to stop Obama from turning America into a one-party nation should hail Saturday's Supreme Court decision upholding the Texas Voter ID law for the upcoming elections. The photo identification requirement will stop the left from committing massive vote fraud. To understand how, we must grasp how the process works.

Acting under the authority of the Motor Voter Law, the federal Justice Department does not allow voting registrars to delete from the rolls the names of those who have not voted or answered postcards until four years have elapsed.

Special: Dick Morris: Obama Is Subverting Constitution, Wants One Party to Rule Nation -- Go Here Now

As a result, millions of dead voters and tens of millions who have moved are still on the voter rolls, opening a massive opportunity for fraud. With so many dead or relocated voters still eligible to have ballots cast in their name, the opportunities multiply. And having 12 million undocumented people living in America, the chances to get people to vote illegally increase.

North Carolina recently found 35,000 people who voted there in the 2012 election and whose first and last names and birth dates matched voters in other states who voted in the same election. Voting officials have commissioned a special unit to investigate how this happened. But the likelihood is that a scam involving undeleted voter records is at fault. And, with no photo ID requirements, there was no way to stop it.

Hiding behind the argument that getting a photo ID will create insurmountable barriers to voting, the Justice Department has litigated against photo ID. But the Supreme Court overruled a Texas District Court’s verdict invalidating the ID law. The vote was 6-3 with Clinton appointee Justice Stephen Breyer joining the five conservatives on the Court.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott argued that with birth certificates available for $2 for election identification purposes, the barrier is hardly insurmountable.

There is no certainty that the Court will eventually uphold the Texas law in particular or photo ID laws in general. But by allowing the photo ID requirement in the elections coming up in two weeks, Obama’s agenda to steal elections to assure Democratic Party domination may be facing its most significant challenge.

Note: Dick Morris' Expose 'Power Grab' Reveals Obama's Ultimate Plan -- Read More Here

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America's Most Haunted "The perfect Halloween read"

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Oct 20 , 2014
AMH Book Cover medium
AMERICA'S MOST HAUNTED "The perfect Halloween read"

AMERICA's MOST HAUNTED -- history, legends, investigations, interviews, profiles of America's ten most haunted public locations -- by Eric Olsen and "Haunted Housewife" Theresa Argie, now available in stores everywhere, and Penguin, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes

Book available for review, features - request your copy NOW; authors available for interviews, guest posts, live appearances!
AMH Media Madness

Reddit AMA Interview 10/17
WKSU Feature, Amanda Rabinowitz 10/15
"New book says Willoughby Coal is haunted...and that's good for business
Eric Olsen and Theresa Argie write about the strange happenings inside Willoughby Coal for a new book..."
Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast
Bz2WpIKCIAIx6kK.png large
Pop Sugar Feature, Macy Williams 10/13
"The most petrifying buildings filled with spirits are explored in the new book America's Most Haunted by Theresa Argie and Eric Olsen. This read is filled with stories that will chill your bones to their very core... Check out the crazy-scary truths and rumors about America's most haunted mainstays. Warning: these spirits' stories are pretty scary."
Aurora Advocate Feature/Interview (Hudson Hub Times, Twinsburg Bulletin)
"Most haunted: Experiences with paranormal activities inspire book by Aurora man" by Mike Lesko 10/8


Bea's Book Nook, by Steph
"If you are a ghost junky like I am, you will LOVE this book and I am up for a road trip if anybody wants to visit a few of these places."
Good Reads, by Ruth Boynton

5/5 stars

"As a paranormal investigator, this was a great insight to some of the places I had only heard about but haven't visited yet. I have started my 'Bucket List' of sites to now visit! Road trip anyone???"
Phantoms and Monsters, by Lon Strickler
"The authors'... experiences are combined with spine-tingling accounts, documented evidence and interviews with other paranormal investigators.
I recommend this book to all enthusiasts of the supernatural. Those readers, who believe they already know the stories behind these locations, should be ready for a few surprises."
Halloween Forevermore, by Terry M West
"I hope this book spawns an entire series. This is a must have for the paranormal fans out there. This book is a brisk read for the armchair investigator or a road map for the more adventurous ghost hunter."
I Smell Sheep, by Pamela Kinney
5/5 stars
Both authors draw you into these their adventures with the supernatural and whether an investigator of the paranormal or of the armchair variety, or even a skeptic, this book out just in time for Halloween and the cooler nights of autumn, will bring chills skittering up your spine and have you making sure all the lights are on in your house or apartment before you continue to read on."
Playback STL, by Jim Dunn

Danielle Dill
(212)-366-2155 /


In Conversation with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM 2-5amET 10/1

Extended Appearance on Cleveland's FOX8 Morning Show 9/30

Eric Theresa Wayne
Live on Lakeside 9/29
Live on Lakeside runs week-long series on AMH
4 favorite Ohio haunts from Cleveland's 'Haunted Housewife' Theresa Argie

'America's Most Haunted' co-author Eric Olsen talks Ohio haunts, Cleveland, pop culture & other spooky fun

Haunted Ohio locations among 'America's Most Haunted': A regional guide to super haunts, secret scares

Haunted Ohio: 'America's Most Haunted' puts the spotlight on the Ohio State Reformatory at Mansfield

AMH profiles 3 top super haunts and 3 secret haunted in Huffington Post 9/30

Radio interview with Jim Shoe on ClassXRadio 10/3

Radio interview with Lee Hay on Around Cincinnati, WVXU, running 10/26

Featured artist on Midnight Syndicate's sites


Book Release Party at Bobby Mackey's Music World Oct 3
Theresa Argie and Eric Olsen stopped in at world famous haunted honky tonk in Wilder, KY for ghosts, books and music (pictured with "Marky Mark" Moore, Denise Mackey, Gatekeeper Paranormal)
1969250_594968343948664_3994181423343308276_n 2
Visit Bobby Mackey's Music World -- one of America's Most Haunted -- 44 Licking Pike, Wilder, Kentucky
At Bobby Mackey's with Mike Hovey and John Kachuba

Willoughby Coal AMH Book Release Party Sept 30 Spectacular Success6075334917_a8c904cce9
200 people at Book Signing, Paranormal Talk, Tour and Ghost Hunting Demonstration - books sell out!
Signing books
Media ghost tour generates EVPs!
Theresa Cathi
Theresa with fellow Haunted Housewife Cathi Weber, owner of Willoughby Ghost Walk
Visit Willoughby Coal -- one of America's Most Haunted --
3872 Erie St., Willoughby, Ohio
America's Most Haunted Visits Wanda Kay's Ghost Shop
Newport, KY
Wanda Kay Ghost Shop
Fantastic time talking ghosts with legendary ghost hunter, tour guide, sensitive Wanda Kay!
Social Media
AMH Twitter account
has shot past the 315k mark in followers and is THE go-to source for informative, entertaining coverage of paranormal universe - follow now! @amhaunted

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AMH Radio returns this week as fully produced podcast with all the top names in the field and amazing surprises!

Meanwhile, listen to recorded shows anytime!

Eric head shot

Eric Olsen

Career media professional and serial entrepreneur Eric Olsen has an enviable track record of quality, leadership, influence, and success.

In 2002, Olsen founded online magazine, the multiple award‐winning "sinister cabal of superior bloggers," which he led to great heights and sold to Technorati in 2008.

Olsen then conceived and supervised the creation of a vibrant original content organization for in 2009 and 2010 before co-founding The Morton Report in 2011.

He has now flung himself into the paranormal world, is founder of the America's Most Haunted brand and co-author of the AMH book (Berkley/Penguin 9/30/14).

In 2012 he returned to live music and has been guitarist/singer for popular and crazy Cleveland cover band The Props.

Theresa head
Theresa Argie

Theresa Argie, "The Haunted Housewife," is a seasoned storyteller, para-historian, researcher, and ghost hunter who has finally found a way to make being "the weird one" work to her advantage.

She has traveled all over the country in search of ghosts, seeking above all to give a voice to the dead and let their stories be told. Theresa and her Haunted Housewives partner Cathi Weber have met some of the most amazing and influential people in the paranormal along with a wonderful menagerie of everyday folk who've had an unforgettable encounter with the extraordinary.

Theresa firmly believes that if we don't embrace our past, we have no future. The dead speak. It is in our best interest to listen.

Please send us review material, press releases, interview opportunities, screeners, assets, promo material, etc. Please add us to your lists and pass this on to your friends!

Best Wishes,

Eric Olsen
950 Aurora-Hudson Road
Aurora, OH 44202

330 562-8314
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