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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Why Obama Changed the Name of Mt. McKinley

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September 01, 2015
On Today's Program

More than 10,000 Icelanders offered to take in Syrian refugees after a prominent author from Iceland publicly requested her country's government allow citizens to help with the crisis. On radio today, Glenn urged his listeners to take this story to heart and then do something about it. MORE

Ahead of his visit to Alaska to highlight climate change, Barack Obama announced the renaming of the tallest mountain in North America. The 20,237 ft peak bore the name of McKinley since 1896, when William McKinley was first nominated for President. President Obama changed the name back to its original native Alaskan name, Denali. Glenn explained the real reason he thinks Obama did this today on radio. LISTEN

It's the dream of any startup founder. You make something people love, become wildly rich and then sell your company for billions. That's what every startup in Silicon Valley is trying to do. But after you do that, what comes next? Get Glenn's commentary from radio today. HERE

Glenn told radio listeners the story of a New Zealand art director named Linds Redding, who recently passed away from esophagus cancer. He wrote something before he died explaining how he didn't love his work as much as he thought he did — it just wasn't important. So what is important? Glenn listed the top five things people regret before they die.HERE



Regarded as one of the most important preparedness books ever written, James Talmage Stevens's, Making the Best of Basics, now in its 12th edition, is on sale!

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More unspeakable horrors from ISIS
On radio Tuesday, Glenn told listeners about a nightmarish video recently released by ISIS purportedly showing a horrific killing where the victims were burned alive while hanging from a swing set. Warning: Parts of the following audio clip might be disturbing to some listeners. LISTEN

A tribute to Glenn's grandfather — 'a man of total common sense'
On radio today, Glenn reflected on the life of his namesake, Edward Lee Janssen (Glenn's full name is Glenn Edward Lee Beck). With no more than a fourth grade education and unable to read, Glenn said his grandfather was probably the biggest influence on his life. MORE

Buck Sexton: 'Hillary Clinton should be worried about prison, not polls'
As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton schemed, lied repeatedly, and jeopardized national security in favor of her own selfish interests. Of course, that's not the story you will get from the various media outlets sifting through the 7,000 emails the State Department released last night. The Clinton defenders will focus on some light-hearted moments. READ

There's an amazing story behind one man who marched with Glenn in Birmingham
More than 20,000 people of various races, religions and backgrounds gathered and marched in Birmingham on Friday, united in the belief that "all lives matter." Many who came had never participated in a demonstration of this kind. But for one man, this was not his first time to make a public stand for something he believed was right — and his picture ended up in history books because of it. MORE

Did you get your copy of Glenn's newest book, It IS About Islam?
Parts of Islam have been hijacked by radical and violent sects. Even though not all Islam is bad, and it's only the psychotic Islam that's bad, we are still fighting a holy war. Saying we're waging a war on anything else to be politically correct is irresponsible and dangerous. Discover from the Muslims' own words how the deep-seated hatred this violent branch of Islam has for the West is rooted in their own religious text. Order yours today. HERE

TONIGHT 8PM ET — Restoring Unity
Don't miss this hour-long special of Glenn's historic Restoring Unity speech from Birmingham. WATCH

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