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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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McAfee® Security Insights
March 2009
Tax Season Phishing Scams — What Every Taxpayer Should Know
Revamped Security Advice Center — Your Go-To Source for Staying Safe Online
Find Out What Cyber Threat Experts Say to Watch Out for in 2009
Tools for Safe Searching and Surfing — Updated and Better Than Ever
Tax Season Phishing Scams — What Every Taxpayer Should Know

It’s tax season and you can bet phishers are out there in full-force trying to trick taxpayers to reveal their personal information by sending fake Internal Revenue Service (IRS) emails.

Run by cyber criminals, phishing scams are attempts to collect Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, banking and financial information, and other sensitive data from people by pretending to work for the IRS and sending bogus emails that look just like the real thing.

Read More About How To Identify a Phishing Scam
Revamped Security Advice Center — Your Go-To Source for Staying Safe Online

We recently announced the launch of our redesigned Security Advice Center and the Virus Information section of our website. But everyone knows good looks can only get you so far. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. And what you’ll find is a wealth of information to inform, instruct and entertain you.

The McAfee Advice Center boasts over 100 articles, tips, multi-
McAfee Security Advice Center media presentations, quizzes, videos and more, with topics that include:

● Viruses and Spyware
● Identity Theft
● Safe Online Shopping
● Family Online Safety
● Cybercrime
Take a moment to visit and bookmark the site to stay on top of emerging threats and the latest in security technology.

Visit the Security Advice Center
Find Out What Cyber Threat Experts Say to Watch Out for in 2009

We’re fortunate to have a dedicated research group comprised of talented professionals who are extremely passionate about knowing the ins, outs and dangers of the Web. Their work can help you understand the online world, the threats that exist, and how to avoid putting yourself at risk.

“Computer users face a dangerous one-two punch today,” said Jeff Green, senior vice president of McAfee® Avert® Labs, our research group. “The current economic crisis is delivering a blow to our financial well-being, while malware authors are taking advantage of our distraction.”

Get the details on all of the threat predictions and trends
Tools for Safe Searching and Surfing — Updated and Better Than Ever

Whether you’re an old pro at searching and surfing or an occasional online explorer, the right tools can make your time online a more productive, safe and secure experience.

McAfee’s SiteAdvisor® software is an easy-to-use tool that alerts you before you click on a site that it is risky or could pose a threat to you or your PC. Recent enhancements include Secure Search that allows users to block and filter malicious websites from search results, a Secure Search Box for simplified security, and the McAfee SECURE™ trust mark next to sites that undergo daily testing for hacker vulnerabilities.

Secure Search goes beyond the safety guidance offered by the
McAfee SiteAdvisor standard settings and delivers active protection. It’s great for families with children, or for computers that are shared with less experienced web users. If you’re that occasional online explorer, this simple tool can give you the confidence to do more online.

Together, these new features extend McAfee’s commitment to making it easier than ever for you to enjoy real web security. Don’t spend your time worrying if you’re safe — move ahead with confidence!

If you already have SiteAdvisor you should be enjoying the upgrade as it is automatic and free.

New users can download SiteAdvisor free of charge
What’s New
New Newsletter Name and Format

Starting with this edition of our newsletter, we have a new name as well as a new look and feel. We hope you like the changes.
Tips from the Pros
April 1 may bring the return of a worm called Conficker. The Conficker worm will burrow into your computer and attempt to deactivate your security software and sabotage tools to remove it. Can’t access Web sites such as That could be a sign that Conficker has managed to infiltrate your computer.

While this may be an April Fools’ Day hoax, our research staff recommends that you play it safe and not take any risk of losing your data or infecting your PC. A few simple, proactive measures are all you need.

● Read Microsoft
   Security Bulletin
   MS08-067 on the
   Microsoft website and
   update your Windows
   software if you have
   not done so already

● Make sure your
   security software is

● Run a full system
   scan to ensure your
   system is clean
McAfee’s Family Internet Safety Advisor’s Blog

Get advice from cyber security expert and lawyer Parry Aftab

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McAfee’s Chief Cyber Security Mom’s Blog

Check out Tracy
Mooney’s postings on “Family Security”

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McAfee’s Blog Central

Read the postings of McAfee insiders about the latest security issues and trends in cyberspace

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