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Thursday, October 31, 2013

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How IETF plans to protect web from NSA snooping

  Best Tech-o-lanterns, 2013 | Why IBM is phasing out SmartCloud Enterprise in favor of SoftLayer

  Network World After Dark

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How IETF plans to protect web from NSA snooping
Speaking at the UN's recent Internet Governance Forum in Bali, Indonesia, IETF chair Jari Arkko laid out a plan to protect the U.S. Internet from the NSA's surveillance efforts. Read More


Innovation in Financial Services
Date: November 20th, 2013 Time: 1 PM This presentation will review the role IT should play in innovation. How financial services organizations are finding ways to rebalance their IT portfolio. Learn More

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The Power of PaaS
At a time when budgets are especially tight, organizations may find it hard to justify investments in the latest programming tools and testing platforms. Platform as a service (PaaS) solutions provide a viable option Read Now

Best Tech-o-lanterns, 2013
We've updated our collection of cool, scary and fun pumpkin carvings from around the web, with social media and other topics trending hot. Read More

Why IBM is phasing out SmartCloud Enterprise in favor of SoftLayer
News broke today that IBM will be phasing out SmartCloud Enterprise and migrating customers over to SoftLayer, which is an IaaS company Big Blue purchased over the summer. [: IBM to nix SmartCloud Enterprise, migrate customers to SoftLayer ] Read More

FAA sets electronics free on flights – mostly
After years of debate the Federal Aviation Administration today said airline passengers can by the end of the year use portable electronic devices during all phases of a commercial airline flight. Read More

Making sense of the Internet of Things
This week, Cisco hosted the inaugural Internet of Things World Forum in Barcelona, Spain. The event had a little under 800 attendees, which I thought was a great turnout for a first year event. There was a very diverse set of vendors at the event, ranging from traditional IT companies like Cisco, Oracle and SAP to a number of companies that IT people have likely never heard of, such as Grundfos, QnetiQ... Read More

Monster bosses: Be very afraid
Even the best bosses can occasionally take on some of the traits of these monsters. Read More

5 IT Outsourcing Tips in the Wake of Infosys's Visa Fraud Settlement
  Following the Infosys visa fraud $34 million settlement, IT outsourcing customers should take these five steps to protect themselves. Here's a look at what outsourcing customers need to do. Read More

Microsoft Kinect turns sign language into spoken language in real time
Microsoft has had its unsung products before, but the Kinect may prove its best worst product. By that I mean it's a great piece of hardware that the company can't seem to sell to anyone but gamers. There has been an SDK on the market for some time to make Windows-based Kinect apps, but we rarely hear of any great success stories, and that's a shame. The latest bit of genius comes from the folks at... Read More

Advanced Firewalls, part 2
The firewall has served as a primary barrier between a company's IT assets and the outside world for many years. In our last video, we examined some of the major advancements that have been incorporated into advanced firewalls over the last few years, including more granular application and user-level controls. These controls allow firewalls to more effectively restrict unnecessary or risky application... Read More

Experts weigh in with wish lists for Android 4.4 KitKat security
With Android 4.4 KitKat, Google has an opportunity to show that when it comes to security, the next version of the mobile operating system is ready for business. While we don't know whether Google will take up the challenge, security experts provided Wednesday their wish lists of enterprise-pleasing features. Read More

Fake social media ID duped security-aware IT guys
Security experts used fake Facebook and LinkedIn profiles pretending to represent a smart, attractive young woman to penetrate the defenses of a U.S. government agency with a high level of cybersecurity awareness, as part of an exercise that shows how effective social engineering attacks can be, even against technically sophisticated organizations. Read More

Dunkin' Brands Uses Analytics to Predict Global Threats
The coffee-and-doughnuts chain operates in 60 countries, so it uses a threat-assessment tool to keep employees safe during international conflicts. Read More

Red Hat launches new initiative to drive OpenStack into the enterprise
Open source technology provider Red Hat today announced a new initiative designed to boost the adoption of OpenStack in the enterprise. Read More

Silent Circle, Lavabit unite for 'Dark Mail' encrypted email project
Two privacy-focused email providers have launched the Dark Mail Alliance, a project to engineer an email system with robust defenses against spying. Read More

ObserveIT is like a surveillance camera for your IT systems
Companies use surveillance cameras to record what is happening in physical locations. Now take that concept and apply it to IT systems. ObserveIT records the user interface actions that occur when someone is accessing your systems or applications. The result is a detailed audit trail that shows precisely who did what in both video and transcript format. Read More

Lenovo hopes long battery and Ashton Kutcher will help sell tablets
  Lenovo hopes long battery and Ashton Kutcher will help sell tablets Lenovo is claiming that its new Yoga tablets will offer 18 hours of battery life when browsing the web, which would be the longest when compared to other tablets. From: Network World Videos Views: 3 0 ratings Time: 01:56 More in Science & Technology Read More



10 most powerful network management companies

Our look at the biggest players in the network management, um, world.


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1. Raspberry Pi as a Network Monitoring Node

2. Cisco to release free standard software to boost Web videconferencing

3. Prosecutor in Aaron Swartz case targeted by 'swatting'

4. Monster bosses: Be very afraid

5. Report: NSA breaks into Yahoo, Google data center links

6. Mozilla releases 10 patches, five critical, for Firefox

7. Coast Guard spills the beans on Google's mystery barges

8. Fake social media ID duped security-aware IT guys

9. Gartner: 'Five styles of advanced defense' can protect enterprise from targeted attacks

10. Microsoft cybersecurity report warns users about the evils of clinging to XP


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