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Saturday, January 31, 2015

VIDEO: Watch How US Troops Reacted to Obama's Speech… This Is Revealing and more...

VIDEO: Watch How US Troops Reacted to Obama’s Speech… This Is Revealing

President Barack Obama is no fan of the U.S. military, and they are no fans of his — that much has become increasingly clear over the six years of Obama’s presidency. And it was made clear again Wednesday when Obama made some remarks before a military audience during a ceremony honoring outgoing Secretary of Defense


VIDEO: Soldier Surprises Wife With Breakfast, Doesn’t End Well

A recent surprise turn of events in Fayetteville, N.C., provided evidence that the old adage, “no good deed goes unpunished,” can sometimes be literally true. Zia Segule, an Army soldier stationed at Fort Bragg, lives with his wife in an off-post subdivision. One morning, like the good man he is, Segule set out early to surprise his wife, Tiffany, with carry-out


Restaurant Manager Makes Employees Speak English… Look How Liberals Reacted [VIDEO]

Because of the influx of illegal immigrants crossing into America by the thousands each and every day and immediately seeking employment, it stands to reason that low-skilled positions, especially in border states, are often dominated by Spanish-speaking workers. Even though, oddly enough, English isn’t the official language of the United States, it’s understood that if


VIDEO: Joe Biden Makes HUGE Admission on Live TV… Obama Won’t Be Happy He Said This

Vice President Joe Biden is not known for his speaking skills and he tends to say or do the wrong thing at the wrong time. In Philadelphia Friday, Biden was speaking at the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel to a group of lawmakers when he had somewhat of a slip — or maybe he just started telling


This Might Be the Best Engagement Photo Ever… Liberals Will HATE It [PHOTO]

Engagement announcements are meant to let friends and family know about exciting wedding plans while also including some personal touches. One couple in Oregon was able to do that with a hilarious photo — and it has the added bonus of driving liberals crazy. Stevie Beard and Brady Hogevoll recently hired a photographer to capture


Clint Eastwood Made Michael Moore a 3-Word Promise If He Ever Showed Up at His House

Clint Eastwood doesn’t mess around. We know that. We’ve seen it in his personal life and his decades of no-nonsense, hard-hitting movies. That’s what makes his simple message to socialist filmmaker Michael Moore both so powerful and completely believable. Ten years ago, at the National Board Review awards ceremony, both Eastwood and Moore were being honored for


Rev. Graham: “Islam Is Not a Peaceful Religion. They…” [VIDEO]

Anyone who has turned on the news in the past fourteen years knows that the socioeconomic system associated with the religion of Islam is anything but peaceful. In fact, hiding within the religion of Islam is one of the most brutal forms of government on the planet: rule by Shariah law. And now Rev. Franklin Graham, son


Taya Kyle Reveals the 7 Words Chris Inscribed for Her on Her Wedding Ring… Amazing

It’s not hard to imagine “American Sniper” Chris Kyle as some kind of superman. He was a larger-than-life character who lived a life of action and incredible accomplishments. However, Kyle wasn’t just a famous warrior — he was of course a real person who felt fear … and love. Kyle’s widow Taya recently opened up about


BREAKING: Sheriff Joe Makes Massive Announcement… Liberals Won’t Be Happy

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., is our kind of sheriff. He strikes fear into the hearts of criminals, liberals and even presidents. Now, the famed desert lawman that’s earned the moniker “America’s Toughest Sheriff” has made an announcement that’s got the liberal elite riled up. Thankfully, that’s just how he wants them. In


BREAKING: Major Western Country BANS Muslims From Building New Mosques

Unlike the cowards in our White House, Italians have no problem naming the threat to their country: radical Islam. Now leaders from the Northern Italian region of Lombardy have gone a step further by passing a provisional law that forbids any more mosques to be built, while at the same time establishing monitoring for those


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