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Friday, September 04, 2015

Booyah! Great reaction on CNN

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September 04, 2015
On Today's Program

Bishop Jim Lowe, the black pastor Glenn teamed up with in Birmingham for Restoring Unity, went on CNN yesterday and talked about how to overcome divisiveness. When the reporter seemed to question how he could be promoting unity with Beck, who she said "has made a career of being a divisive figure," his response was just awesome. WATCH

"The most powerful and moving funeral I have ever attended. 11,000 people. 6,000 inside," Glenn wrote. "I will never forget the look in Kathleen Goforth's eyes. Such pain, shock and loss. Please pray for her. And dare I say the family of the shooter." MORE

About two weeks ago, Glenn was reading the Old Testament in the book of Jeremiah. Afraid of what he was reading, Glenn asked a rabbi for clarification. "I was hoping that he would say 'no, you have it wrong.' I don't," Glenn said. What Glenn learned had him scrambling to share a warning to America that unless we change our ways and start acting differently, this time in history will be a black scar for our nation. WATCH

"I finally know how to help and best yet, how to present it to you," Glenn wrote. "Thank you for being so patient. I started making internal changes in my entire company 10 months ago. We are just about to turn noticeable corners." READ

Why is survival food selling out across the country? We tested the top survival food and you'll be shocked at what we found. Watch the controversial video before it disappears again. WATCH

It turns out that 20 states have passed their own sanctions against Iran. In Texas alone, this has amounted to some $250 billion in assets withheld from Iran and those who do business with them. Glenn has pledged to work on getting other states to impose their own sanctions against Iran. MORE

It Is About Islam
NYT's bestseller is an important read and will give you insights and facts about what's going on in the Middle East. ISIS is making up new ways to torture non-believers and people are fleeing their wrath. Today's events in Europe with Syrian refugees is a direct result of the Islamists' presence. We are standing up to ISIS and it'll be clearer for you upon reading this book. Do your own homework. Then share this book with your family, friends and community! #NeverAgainIsNow MORE

What are the 10 reasons why Glenn doesn't recognize his country anymore?
Aghast at everything that was happening, Glenn took to Facebook Wednesday night to list the 10 reasons why he thinks America has become completely unrecognizable. "We must change our ways. We must unite and restore common sense, common principles and values," Glenn said. Get the full list HERE

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