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Friday, September 04, 2015

Blood Sucking VEGANS

Yo King, what's popping for you this weekend? 

One thing I know for sure is, you're either about to 
layback and chill OR attack and conquer. 

Kings know how to balance jousting and joy, so
it's alright to dominate all week and domesticate 
on fleek.

Anyway, a few dudes have been asking me what I 
think about all of the angry vegans out for blood
on YouToo and Flakebook

Look, there is something you need to understand 
about being a Big-Dog.  When these young-uns 
start barking -- we barely lift an eyebrow. 

It's a measure of maturity to recognize a real threat
versus a passer-by.

Young pups, with their tight bawls and tail in the air, 
get startled by even the most insignificant sounds. 

Me.... I don't even flinch. 

So, chill out guys. There is no real threat, it's just a
measly flea.
Moving on fellas.... 

When I held the first Grow Stronger Experience in 
Montreal earlier this summer, I was delighted by all of 
the different kindz of Kings that were attracted to my 

For example, there were several VEGANS hangin' 
tuff with us that day. 

Nope, not the kind of angry vegans who don't eat meat,
so instead they eat people souls (we call them Vegan

I'm talking about good looking, strong, and intelligent 
who I'm proud to call fellow Strength Camp Kings. 

We've got ALL kinds of Kings in our Camp... and some
of them prefer to eat bananas instead of beef.

That's all good with me. 

Nothing brings me more joy than to see all of these 
unique brands of beasts showing up at our events and 

I'm looking forward to meeting you too

Suckers are gonna suck.

While Kings keep rolling. 

E Hulse 

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