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Thursday, September 03, 2015

RE: (bud-hert?) Book A Day Bull Doo-Doo

Hey, hey, hey... slow down cowboy. 

Dozens of our loyal Strength Camp Kings responded
with delight to my honest commentary on the book-a-day
diet yesterday.

But still, there were a few who ended up feeling a bit

And I totally get it.

There was a time when I got great ego gratification by 
showing everyone how smaht I was for having a
kajillion books on my coffee table. 

But sh-t changes, and so do I. 

It's called evolution. 

And big-boy Elliott no longer has to prove his strength
or intelligence to anyone.  I've been there... and its a 
fruitless battle.

Big boys know that ACTION breeds authority. 

Young-uns believe that by reading a book, you'll magically
earn the right to call yourself an expert. 

It don't work that way son. 

All that binge-reading has given those boys paralysis-by-
analysis.  They're so busy swallowing some other dudes
mental discharge that they themselves never achieve 
anything worthwhile. 

But hey... swallowers are gonna swallow.

And Kings keep rolling. 

Anyway, in case you missed it you can peep the scene


Yesterday I was asked my opinion on those who
suggest reading a book-a-day.

Before I answer that question, I think it's important
for me to explain to you... 

WHY I read books.

- I read to develop a specific skill.
- I read to open my mind to novel ideas.
- I read to learn about fascinating people. 
- I read for inspiration.
- and.... I read nutrition labels. 

Look, I don't pick up a book unless there is a very 
good reason for reading it.

Reading is a very active process for me, it requires
a good portion of my time and mental energy because... 

I Don't Just Read Books -- I STUDY Them. 

When I actively read a book I use a highlighter to mark
important phrases and a pen to jot down notes. 

Then I might go back and read the important key phrases,
or entire chapter again -- up to three or four times.

When I read its because I want to retain and apply the 
information or ideas.... directly into my business, lifestyle
or fitness habits. 

If you're an active-reader, you've got to take your time.

If you're an ego-reader, you've got to burn through as 
many books as possible -- as fast as possible. 

When stiff-eyed bookworms read books, they're just
looking for praise (presumably from other wanna-be

These are the same skwares who hoard hundreds of
books in their home so they can point and brag about
their wonderful collection of other people's ideas.


I read book. 

I take notes.

I apply information.

I give book away. 

My friends, family, students and clients are often the
recipients of my ABC books (Already Been Consumed).

Once I've ingested, digested, and assimilated all of the
powerful brain vitamins in a book... I don't keep it around
as a momento for bragging rights, or snuggling with on 
lonely nights. 

I share it with other people. 

Do yourself a favor and focus on learning and applying the
ideas in....

ONE Book, Everyday -- for as long as it takes you.

Then give that book away and move on your next phase
of strategic reading.

Book hoarding is a sickness. 

Keep Growing Stronger, 
Elliott Hulse 

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