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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

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Your Unknowncountry Newsletter

Dreamland This Week: Catherine Austin Fitts
Worldwide, Stock Markets are Crashing. What Does It Mean?

Are the markets telling us that the world economy is once again teetering? Is there some hidden factor behind the recent declines that you need to know about? This week on Dreamland, the Solari Report's Catherine Austin Fitts joins Whitley Strieber to explain what's really going on.
Next Week on Dreamland: New evidence that Human DNA may have been tampered with in the distant past.
Dreamland runs from Friday. To read more about this week's show and listen from Friday on, click here.
The Experience this Week: the Fear Factor
"Shannon" is an experiencer who has put a lot of thought into the fear factor of her experiences. In this episode she shares with us her findings and, perhaps no surprise to this audience, they bring us straight into the heart of the question: Who are we?
To listen now and for the next week free, click here
Dreamland Now Available on TuneIn Radio
TuneInRadio is by far the most popular app for radio listening, and now free Dreamland is available on TuneIn. Listen to the free portion of Dreamland on TuneIn's website right now or get the app on your mobile device. Click here to listen.

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This Week's News from Visit the site every day!
Incredible UFO Footage Over Puerto Rico: A Homeland Security Camera Tapes a UFO. Click here to see the film.
Gigantic Manmade Monolith Discovered off Sicily is At Least 10,000 Years Old. Click here to read more.
MH 370 Found? Not So Fast. That Flaperon is Still Unidentified. To read more, click here.
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