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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Injections Of "Grow Stronger" Juice

Today is the BIG day for hard working, creative and
loyal Strength Camp Kings like yourself to take your
physical fitness, education, relationships and self-
mastery to the next level.
Today is the day that your brain is going to sparkle
like a goldmine
 with brand new ideas for you to unearth
and immediately cash in on. 
Today I am going to inject you with a powerful dose of
laboratory formulated and Certified Grow Stronger Juice
that will add slabs of lean mental muscle to your
mindset and reinforce your testicular grit.
With sharp nerves and an awakened soul the only
questions left are....
Who Do You Want To Become?

Who is the Stronger Version Of You
What is he like?
Where is he going?

And most importantly....
Look, I can give you a myriad of suggestions.  
I can tell you what to do, and how to become a seemingly
stronger you...

But the truth is that none of my instructions, teachings
or "how-to" on this topic is worth a freakin' dime if you 
can't answer the question.... 

That is our base question, and its the only one that will 
give you the fortitude to keep going STRONG when 
the proverbial "poop hits the fan"

And if anyone knows about cleaning up the mess and how
to keep marching on
when a mound of manure slams the fan...
its you're old boy E-Hulse here, but... 

WHY keep going when no matter how hard you work, it 
seems like you're getting nowhere?
WHY keep going when no matter how much you love 
someone, they don't seem to love you back? 
WHY keep going when it seems like other dudes, who
don't have as much passion or commitment as you, 
always get the lucky breaks?
Even if I could answer that question for
you, I wouldn't.
Only YOU can decide what it all means to YOU, and 
only YOU can decide why YOU should keep going strong
in the face of all that's wrong. 
The only thing E-Hulse can really do (besides share my acquired 
professional knowledge and expertise
) is tell you... 

                  "Why I Did It"

Firstly, if you've watched enough of my over 2,000 videos on
YouTube you already know much of the story.
You know about my childhood and feeling unworthy.
You know about my Kung-Fu badass uncle Elroy.
You know about my ADD diagnosis in fourth grade.
You know about teachers and adults who belittled me.
You know about meeting my wife in high school.
You know about my football and strongman career. 
You might even know the name of my childhood pet (Bow-wow),
and 101 other things about my history. 
But as much as that stuff has shaped me into the man I am
today... ALL of it is HISTORY.
It's long gone stuff that no longer defines or controls me.
I have brand new WHYs, because I am a brand new person.
Each time I evolve, so does my reason for doing the things
I do.  

Each time I grow a little bit stronger, so does my strength to
keep going H.A.M in face of adversity.

And that's WHY I keep writing to you.

Every time I grow stronger, I overflow with the desire to share
my new strengths and wisdom with YOU.
              "YOU Are My Why"
When I create YouTube videos...  

When I write these messages... 

When I travel across the Atlantic Ocean for three weeks to 
empower over 1,000 of our very own Strength Camp Kings
during our Grow Stronger Experience workshop... 

Its because of my deep sense of vision, mission and 

Empowering fellow Kings is my purpose in life. 

It is my WHY. 

Get in touch with your WHY, because when you do... you
will become unstoppable. 

If you're not yet sure what your VISION, MISSION and WHY
are... then I invite you to join me and 300 other Kings as we
congregate in October at the last Grow Stronger Experience 
in 2015. 
Otherwise you are going to have to wait until next fall to get
in with us... and next year we're only doing this ONCE.

So, all Strength Camp KINGS are urged to be there. 

CLICK HERE to register now.
Keep Growing Stronger, 
Elliott Hulse

PS - A few WHYs I invite you to consider are: vocation,
fitness, education, relationships and life mastery (legacy). 
We'll have an in-depth session covering these categories 
in October.  See you then. 

3608 Morris St.
St. Petersburg FL 33713

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